Zillo Festival 1993: Her Sleep - Umbra Et Imago - Past Bizarre (DVD)

Now, when I said gothic, I meant the real thing. None of that silly Marilyn Manson stuff, and none of the gothic pop a la the Cure that is so popular with the kiddies. No, this is sonic structure stuff, with a little black industrial and black metal thrown in for kicks. As the liners note, label founder Roger Karmanik is interested in the art of music, not in aligning with any rigidly-defined genre. The Absolute Supper is a wildly expansive exploration into the true intellectual and emotional potential of music.

No rules, just pure sonic power. A walk down the stairs into the dank basement of the musical experience, where a mad scientist works, readying his latest creation. Stunning, really. I assume you can get the through Projekt who distributed most of the CMI releases , though I got this puppy direct from Sweden.

If you even pretend to be interested in the music of the mind, well, this is simply a must. No excuses. Three acts: Urban Ambience, Emile "Dr. T" Tobenfeld and Beyond the Pale. Urban Ambience is more of a jazz act than a strictly ambient one. For me, this makes it much more interesting. Sax, clarinet, flute and other instruments combine with the electronic to create some really innovative stuff. T is a full-blown sampling and sequencing freak.

He takes snippets from everyday life and melds them into some really intoxicating pieces. Beyond the Pale is a prog-rock vision of ambience. The work is intricate but well-played. It should fall apart into a mess, but it doesn't.

Three acts with completely different ideas as to how one should approach the ambient ideal. And three ways of looking at that ideal that I've never heard before. If you are at all interested in electronic music, give these folks a yell immediately. So once you get over that, then you can really start to hear what is going on. A lot of this is decent, but uninspired.

However, check out the A. For the beginner just checking this sort of music out, these are not as initially mind-numbing as some of the other pieces. To make me really dig an ambient piece, there has to be a lot going on. It doesn't have to be fast or even coherent, but I want to know someone is trying.

Just mushing around keyboards for ten minutes doesn't wash with me, and I'm happy to say these artists all do much better than that. A decent sampler of what's around. You can probably find better, but you can also find a lot worse. These are the spacier of Hypnotic's vast array of ambient talent.

If you haven't had the heart to wade through all the discs on your own, then this compilation will get you started. Personally, I'm not a space music fan, and even ambient acts who aren't generally spacey picked their most "out there" tracks for this disc, so I wouldn't call all of the tracks even representative.

But if space is your game, I don't know why you wouldn't check this out. The sounds wander all over the pop and punk regions ESP Allstars, Puller and Sequoyah are three of the acts, if that helps , and they're rather inviting.

Not really a label sampler, and maybe that helps. The extensive times given each band is exemplary. There are plenty of chances to dig into a particular band's sound. This approach is a good one, especially if this is basically an overgrown sampler.

The music is top-notch and nicely varied. No dull moments here, only multiple entry points. All stuff that Cleopatra has license to, and so one way to take this set is as a sampler platter of the rather large space music catalog held by the label.

That wouldn't tell the whole tale, though. The collection is rather diverse, showing off all sorts of takes on the whole "space rock" concept, and the large time frame also helps to illustrate the long-lasting appeal of this largely overlooked sound. Part of that diversity can also be applied to the quality of the songs, though most are quite good.

Sure, this may be just another marketing ploy, but it's not a bad space mix tape, if you're so inclined. Punk and disorderly all the way. Double Deuce has a rather strong lineup, and this set takes two from each of eight bands. If you haven't been formally introduced, here's your chance. And let me say, if you like D. Even considering the decidedly eclectic and even bizarre music that I turns up in my mailbox, his stuff is consistently some of the strangest and most challenging. This track set is something of a career capper for Green.

He did an outstanding job on the liners, and the music on this disc is positively mindbending. If you care at all about interesting music of any style, these pieces will say something to you. I'm just knocked out by everything. Like I said, the liners are exquisite.

Green distills his knowledge into short descriptions that illuminate and intrigue. A perfect job. The track selection, likewise, is simply brilliant. Every single piece here is electrifying.

All but the first three tracks come from the period of , so there's plenty of jazzy improvisation and general fusion before fusion was even an articulated concept.

But it's not that hard to hear how these works presaged a lot of mainstream music. That is the point of the underground, of course. Those of us who lurk beneath are always searching for a new way forward. There's a lot of dreck, but as this compilation shows, there's plenty of exceptional material as well. I'm completely blown away. This is utterly amazing.

Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Volume II: 2xCD Shame File reviewed in issue , December The second in this series of compilations documenting experimental music in Australia is even more impressive than the first. One reason, as series editor Clinton Green explains in the liners, is that this music had finally found a foothold by the mid 70s.

But the other part is that many of the artists on this set are still alive and contributing to the current scene. That helps to make the set as complete and diverse as possible. There are a total of 28 tracks here, many of them by necessity excerpts of longer pieces.

The diversity of sound and thought is completely mind-boggling. I don't think you have to be a fan of this kind of music to appreciate the historic nature of this set, though I suppose you have to be a little crazed like me to really go nuts about it. That's cool. The most interesting thing about experimental music is how much of it actually enters the mainstream.

It's not hard to hear how bits and pieces of the ideas in these works have wormed their way to a wide number of ears. Looking back, it's much easier to look forward. This is easily one of the most important releases of the year. And, of course, Skrew. Some pleasant remixes to crank your industrial listeners out there. I got this from Metal Blade, though I assume Cargo has a few of these things as well. I think you can also find most of the tracks somewhere else, but I sure don't mind having them here.

This is a good introduction to a couple of bands that a lot of you probably haven't heard before. And good bands at that. Why is it I can sense this real big industrial takeover of the metal universe. Matt at Relapse has been preaching this for a while, and I'm inclined to go along. After all, didn't Nine Inch Nails win the metal Grammy this year? Well, except for Death of Relativity redoing a Kiss song that has already been done too many times.

Check out the new tracks from Cynic and Disincarnate for a hint of their forthcoming albums. Were but there was more. One track each from 21 Athens, Ga. Despite being the stomping grounds of folks like R. Daemon Records may be the best-known local label, but Ghostmeat has been putting out local stuff for five years. I looked at the catalog; it's impressive. As is this compilation. These bands do not fall into one or two simple categories. These folks are professionals, in every good sense of the word.

The people not only have a vision for their sounds, but they are generally able to pull of that sound in studio. An enticing invitation to the festival. Not here. Sweetmeat for those who desire a piece. Athens, Ga. What's cool about Athfest is that the festival focuses on up-and-comers rather than the tried-and-true. There are a couple of old-line Athens bands featured here, such as Five Eight, but none of the "big" names that might totally overshadow the event itself.

As a celebration of music, Athfest gets bands of all sorts. This preview compilation doesn't flow very well due to the wide variety of sounds propagated by the bands, but that diversity bodes well for the festival itself. One of these days I may make the trip south to check out Athfest. The music I heard on this disc and last year's preview as well have given me the itch.

If you're in the area from June this summer, you owe it to yourself to catch some new music. I usually don't answer that question directly, instead saying that there are some, but none of them have made it much past the self-released album stage. The good folks at Dwell are trying to change that.

Most of the bands here are merely guys with a female lead singer, but even that's fairly innovative. And while the goals may be high-minded, this compilation also shows why many of these bands aren't well-known: they're not very good. While Gehenna is one of the most accessible bands on the disc, it's also one of the few with a coherently written and performed song.

I also liked the tracks from Witches, Demonic Christ and Damad. The rest were merely middling, if not worse. Extreme doesn't necessary mean shitty, now. Enough good stuff here to satisfy anyone searching for this sorta thing. But once you take the novelty appeal off, this compilation is merely average. I'm not going to say that women don't belong in extreme music. Not at all. It's just that not many of these bands will convince people otherwise. And DMT is not too bad. So you can expect the cheeziness of the vocal tracks.

But the BOC score is something else again. Yeah, it's commercial at times, but I haven't heard Buck and Co. Hang with the score: it is the goods. Banned in L. A collection of the heaviest L. Production leaves some of the tracks a little muffled, but that rather adds to the flavor.

Most of this is your traditional thrash, but death and grindcore are beginning to make inroads even in the aerosol capitol of the world. If you don't find something you like here, you didn't listen very hard. My personal fave is the Psychosis track, but everything here is worth a listen.

And maybe you can say "Hey, I played a song by them a long time ago About half the tracks on this generous set 28 tracks in all! And when the more "traditional" renditions are by the likes of Simon Joyner and Wooden Wand, well, you begin to understand that you're in good hands. Most enjoyable. When the proceeds go to AK Press. From punk to pop to noise to death metal and beyond, these bands are helping to celebrate one of the more interesting presses around.

I've got a really cool book they published some time ago on how to sabotage your corporate bosses. Lots of great ideas there, and I even used a few. As for the music, well, plenty of covers and other messy things.

Some really nice stuff I did mention a few highlights; you can find yer own , but the point is, you should get yourself exposed to some revolutionary thinking. But hell, why not buy a CD with cool songs on it, to boot? This is a good collection for a great cause. Such weirdness as I couldn't have invented in my most drug-induced hyperactive mental state. Big Fish Music Sampler Vol. And so I've been getting these updates from Big Fish Music.

Finally, a taste of what the folks have been talking about. Fourteen songs from many of the labels Big Fish Music deals with. Most of the tracks are somewhere in the electronic pop universe, though there are a few dissenters from that stereotype.

All of this is stuff which is unknown over here in the U. A bit off-beat for the average American, I'm afraid though anyone reading these reviews shouldn't be scared off. In short, even the pop bands make their music a bit complicated. Me, I like complicated.

As with most samplers, the quality both musical and sound varies widely. There is something to attract most any music fan, and this confirms my answer to that e-mail. Sure, I like music from Japan. There is the requisite pop punk element Big Fish's stock in trade , but plenty of other cool sounds as well, stuff that wanders all over the map.

Not exactly a label, Big Fish is more of a distributor, and these are songs from CDs and tapes in the store. The set is most tastefully done, with an obvious eye to including some of the more original and interesting items lying about.

Just another quality set. The Knife Fight Creeping Dread The Census Taker Talk Hellno Where is She Innocence Decayed Romanian Passing the Bottle Sorry 2. Hop a Little 3. Go Where Ya Wanna Go 4. Gotta Gotta Get 5. Cry for the Fire 6. Die-Stay-Go 7. Vinegar 8. Firefly 9. Big Bubble Fear for the Future Creeping Dread 2. The Census Taker 3.

Talk 4. Hellno 5. Where is She 6. Innocence Decayed 7. Romanian 8. Passing the Bottle 9. Another Land 3. Final Confrontation 4. Happy Home 5. Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats 6. Lord Its Lonely 8. Lizard Lady 2. Semolina 3. Hello Skinny 4. Jailhouse Rock 5. Where is She and Earth vs. Picnic in the Jungle 7. Smelly Tongues 8. Eloise 9. The Ship's A Goin' Down The New Machine Tourniquet of Roses Monkey and Bunny Theme from an American TV Show Mans Easter Woman Amber Die in Terror The Coming of the Crow-Eva's Warning Walter Westinghouse 2.

The Coming Of The Crow 4. Eva's Warning 5. Big Bubble 6. Hop A Little 7. Cry For The Fire 8. A - Lista de Temas: 1.

Intro 2. Lizard Lady 3. Semolina 4. Hello Skinny 5. Constantinople 6. Jailhouse Rock 7. Where Is She 8. Picnic In The Jungle 9. Smelly Tongues Eloise Ship's Agoin' Down Tourniquet Of Roses I Got Rhythm Passing The Bottles Monkey And Bunny Earth vs. It's a Man's Man's Man's World 2. Hey, Good Lookin' 2.

Six More Miles To the Graveyard 3. Kaw-Liga 4. Ramblin' Man 5. Jambalaya On the Bayou 6. Sousapart 7. Kaw-Liga Prairiemix 2. Kaw-Liga Original Version 3. The Importance Of Evergreen Excerpt 3. Japanese Watercolor 5. I Got Rhythm 6. Serenade For Missy 8. Easter Woman 9. The Moles Are Coming Resolution Crashing Kula Bocca Says So New Hymn Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats Festival Of Death Excerpt The Ultimate Disaster Excerpt 2. Lights Out 3. Where is She 4. The Coming of the Crow 5.

Lizard Lady 6. Shorty's Lament 8. Kamakazi Lady 9. Secret Seed Sorry Farmers Sinister Exaggerator Satisfaction Double Shot 2. Loss of Loved One Extended Version 3. Santa Dog A. A Fire 2. Santa Dog '84 Unfinished 4. Main Title from "God in 3 Persons" 2. Thing About Them 5. Their Early Years 6. Loss of Loved One 7. Touch 8. Service 9. Fine Fat Flies Time Silver, Sharp and Could Not Care Kiss of Flesh The Thing About Them 4.

Their Early Years 5. Loss Of A Loved One 6. The Touch 7. The Service 8. The Service II 9. Kiss Of Flesh Buckaroo Blues 2. Land of Dancers -- Double Shot 3. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Baby King, Pt. Don't Be Cruel 4. Heartbreak Hotel 5. All Shook Up 6. Return to Sender 7. You're The Devil in Disguise Stuck on You Big Hunk O' Love Little Sister His Latest Flame Burning Love Viva Las Vegas Love Me Tender Voices Of The Air 2.

The Secret Seed 3. Narration 4. The Ultimate Disaster 5. Narration 6. God Of Darkness 7. Narration 8. Migration 9. Narration Another Land Call Of The Wild Final Confrontation Don't Be Cruel 2. Don't 3. Surrender 4. The Toy Factory 5.

Everyone Comes to the Freak Show 2. Harry's Introduction 3. Harry the Head 4. Herman Watches TV 5. Herman: The Human Mole 6. Wanda Does Her Act 7. No Glory. Azrael Azrael Azrael Azrael B. Bison B. The Violent Years Ltd. Karma CD. Anal Blast Perversion CD digi ed. Deluxe Ed. CD Electric Rmst. CD Sonic Temple Rmst. Cult, The Ceremony Rmst.

Violent Pacification 7" 7 Inch D. Skanker Logo Hat Hat D. Deluxe CD CM. Digi CD. Chastain David T. Deutschland Brennt CD V. Deutschland Brennt Vol. Deutschpunk Balladen Vol.

II CD V. Die Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Bis s DMAX Rockt! Es Lebe Der Punk Vol. W Feuertanz Festival Blu-ray V. Sun Of A Bastard Vol. Take Action! Tarantino Experience 2 2-CD V. Ever 2-CD V. The Crobar Vol. The Holy Bible Vo. The Holy Bible Vol. Top musicians play: Queen CD V. Tribute an Ougenweide - Minne, Rock und Voll Uffe Omme Vol. I 2-CD V. II 2-CD V. Mental Aberration: Same 6-Tr. Mesmerize: Paintropy Punishment 18 Rec.

Chris Caffery, Mike Terrana.. Mindless Sinner: Master Of Evil , incl. Bonus Track Misery Loves Co. Montrose: Same , Jap. Moxy: V incl. Live Bonus Tr. Frank Sperling of Primal Fear Mr. Big: Bump Ahead Mr.

Hyde: Same 5-Tr. Naughty: Naughty But Nice! Maple Leaf Rec. Hippie: Lotus feat. OBI, King Rec. Europe 9,8,10,7,9,7,6,7,9,9,12,6,12,10,9,12,7,9,8,7,12,9,8,12,12,9,17,16,12,11,6,8,6,12,8,7,9,10,8,9,8,8,11,8,7,6,11,8,7,8,9,14,8,15,9,8,11,11,9,5,5,8,3,7,9,8,8,8,6,10,9,6,8,7,10,12,12,13,7,4,7,5,5,5,3,9,11,9,7,12,12,9,11,7,12,9,11,8,8,8,5,8,12,12,12,12,9,5,7,7,7,9,7,8,- -5Neverlight Horizon: No Heaven…Only Torment Belgium-Imp.

Open Defiance: Same US private press. Carl Albert , ItalyImp. Pantera: Psycho Cowboys — Live Tilburg Digipack German private press. DixieFrog Rec. Ninoru Niihara], Raven [feat. Twilight Zone Rec. Raven: Walk Through Fire Steamhammer , incl. Crossroads Rec. Rettke, guit. America , voc. Bonus tr. Digipack incl. Adams: Exiled On Green St. Adams: Stovepipe US-Imp. Adams: Stovepipe V. My Graveyard Prod. Sahara Steel: Same Perris Rec. Salamandra: Skarremar Czech-Imp. Lies Belgium-Imp.

Hardcore voc. Erwachet 3. Es Brennt Die Sehnsucht 4. Machina Mundi 5. Onway Love 6. Alles Schwarz 7. Milch 8. Der Kampf Des Mannes 9. Gothic Ritual Don't Stop To Learn Weinst Du? Single Mix 2. Club Mix 3. Extended Mix 4. Lieber Gott Schmerz 4. Mea Culpa 5. Goth' Music 6. Prinz Vogelfrei 7. Teutonenlied 8. Jahr Und Tag 9. Aufrecht Weinst Du Rock Me Amadeus Vater Feuer und Licht Album Version 2. Feuer und Licht Club Mix 3.

Feuer und Licht Extended Mix 4. Fever und Licht 3. Dunkle Energie 4. Mein Buch 5. She is Calling 6. Schweigen ist Gold 7. Dionysos 8.

The Festival of Death (Live in the Studio) Diskomo (Live in the Studio) Walter Westinghouse (Live in the Studio) Instrumental 1 (Live in the Studio) Monkey & Bunny (Live in the Studio) Instrumental 2 (Live in the Studio) Instrumental 3 (Live in the Studio) Formato: Kbps - THE WARNER BROS ALBUM - Lista de Temas: 1.

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  1. - PAST BIZARRE - Lista de Temas: 1. Gothic Erotic (Zillo Festival ) 2. Her Sleep (Zillo Festival ) 3. Gefühle Zerplatz (Zillo Festival ) 4. Erotica (Zillo Festival ) 5. Vision (Remember Dito Tour ) 6. Her Sleep (Remember Dito Tour ) 7. Remember Dito (Remember Dito Tour ) 8. Gefühle Zerplatzt (Remember Dito Author: La Destileria Sonora.
  2. Umbra et Imago - Past Bizarre () [2 DVDs] Der Beginn einer Karriere "Zillo Festival " 01 Gothic Erotic 02 Her Sleep 03 Gefühle zerplatzt 04 Erotica Moderation: Das Wort zum Film "Remember Dito Tour " 05 Backstage Impressionen 06 Vision 07 Her Sleep 08 Remember Dito 09 Gefühle zerplatzt "Sex statt Krieg Tour /96" 10 5/5(2).
  3. Past Bizarre Collection - (Live Sampler) ()/Fire Session Umbra Et Imago + Dance Or Die (Zillo Festival Potsdam) (Sex Statt Krieg Tour ) (From VHS).mp3 MB Past Bizarre Collection - (Live Sampler) ()/Rjpeg KB.
  4. May 02,  · Umbra et Imago Mystica Sexualis (Spirit ) Untoten Best of Uranium Avarie (digipack) Valentine’s Love Religion The Bradbury Tapes (): Valentine’s Love Religion Viva Romantika () Various – Gothic Compilation Part I Various - The Nomadism (CD, Comp, Dig) (Nomadism Records) Nomad VARIOUS ARTISTS -
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  7. Aug 28,  · As well as headlining their own concerts. They have played as support band for Skinny Puppy, The 69 Eyes, Mortiis, Umbra et Imago and The Mission. Now returning from a break of over 3 years NFD are set to stir things up again with their own brand of rocket fueled Goth Rock, never afraid to mix things up a bit while remaining true to their roots!
  8. As well as headlining their own concerts. They have played as support band for Skinny Puppy, The 69 Eyes, Mortiis, Umbra et Imago and The Mission. Now returning from a break of over 3 years NFD are set to stir things up again with their own brand of rocket fueled Goth Rock, never afraid to mix things up a bit while remaining true to their roots!

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