Untitled - Various - Brains On Backwash II: Exile On Brain Street (Cassette)

Seven bullet holes are randomly shot into the blank pages of this artist book. The cover has residue of gun powder. The sooth of gunpowder is very vulnerable spread over the front of the cover and the cellophane bag may create hardly visible scratches. The inaugural edition of the Vultures Of Volume fest was a very interesting proposition from the get-go, to say the least. Once the organizers, Kathy Reeves and Matt Dayton, announced the event as well as the line-up, preparations were made to head northeast.

Though being originally slated to take place in Maryland, difficulties there meant a change of venue was enforced. It's the perfect place for an occasion like this whichever way you look at it. Philadelphia 's Wizard Eye had the honor, yet the unthankful task, of opening up the procedures. At 3pm not many people had showed up, however, that didn't deter these beasts.

They played like it was a full house and were simply crushing it with their bottom-heavy riff-based, sonic and psychedelic doom. I've had the opportunity to see them live several times and they were phenomenal as always. Locals BlackHand followed and they had recently gotten back together after a hiatus. A nice acquaintance indeed. Mixing Black Sabbath with sludgy doom is their forte and they were pretty damned good. Heavily riff-infused and sleazy they weren't bad but didn't make it or break it with me.

Never a band to disappoint, Gorgantherron from Evansville, IN, were as good as ever. They simply laid JB McGinnes to waste as well as crushing the ever growing crowd. Amazing is all I can say! Beelzefuzz are always a force to be reckoned with, being one of the best and most innovative bands out there.

They upped the ante quite a bit recently by adding Greg Diener of Pale Divine on guitar. Holy shit folks! An already fantastic band is even more amazing now, expanding their musical palette to unrivaled levels. It's trippy, groovy, heavy, psychedelic and totally out of this world. I've said this elsewhere but Beelzefuzz are the past, the present and the future of music! Fabulous guitarwork, jammy and experimental it was pure joy to watch them.

Problems with the Moog didn't stop them, instead that glitch only spurred them on. I know I'm very biased when it comes to Pale Divine. They are, after all, one of my favorite bands ever. Regardless, this was one of the best performances I've ever seen them do. Even though their albums are far apart, Pale Divine always evolve.

Each show brings something new and holy hell, tonight they were incredible. Few, very few bands mix heaviness, soothing tones, technique and melody and create music the way these gentlemen do it. Truly amazing! Kingsnake are a good decent band from PA that I have managed to catch a few times. Good musicianship and a solid performance is what they gave us but still they didn't rattle my bones. I was hooked. Trev - Arrows, from our first record Ruins. It was the second song I think we wrote together.

Halifax, N. Labels: a ripple conversation , days of thunder , deftones , john carpenter , metallica , nick cave , Nirvana , old blood , rolling stones , satisfaction , the simpsons , vinyl. Wednesday, May 27, The Xroadie Files. Black Abyss crunchy chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums and vocals that just grab your soul with searing leads. Just A Needle so slow heavy pulls you in as your imagination runs wild. Sabbath Highway a catchy crunchy guitar riff steady rhythms on your feet rock out and sing along as the music envelops your very being with some scorching leads.

Starfire on your feet fist in the air head bang and move to the heavy groove. In Search Of M-Theory crunchy riffs spoken words and strange sounds space rock style. Quantum Determinism close your eyes and be pulled into your deepest imagination.

An Appraisal drifting thru space time and dimensions. Beyond Perturbative States drifting in the darkness of space all alone. A Superstring Revolution I pounding drums thundering bass crunchy guitars and eerie dark tones.

A Superstring Revolution II continues the musical mind trip in your consciousness. Black Pestilence- Hail The Flesh. Hail The Flesh fast heavy hit the pit punch you in the throat speed death metal madness. Spurn All Gods hard heavy death metal mayhem. Hellfire low rumbling bass thundering drums crunchy guitars and growling vocals.

True To The Dark fast hard heavy thrashing demonic music. Cloven Division the pits of hell open and demons spew forth devouring all. Godless thrashing shredding ripping tearing metal music. Frauds To The Throne chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums and deep vocals.

My Will To Power crunchy riffs pounding rhythms screaming guitars and chant along vocals. Emphemeral pulls you into the dark depths of your dreams. Caligula fast heavy riffs screaming vocals and thundering rhythms that just envelop your senses. A Voracious Awakening shredding guitars fast rhythms and vocals that just pull you in with dark emotions.

Humanaut scorching guitars shredding vocals and riffs that just rip and tear at your being. Ohm Cairn hit the pit slam sweat and just get your aggression out. Wrath Of Erymanthos fast hard heavy death metal mayhem. Pathfinder shredding ripping tearing thrashing music. Ursa Major fist pumping head banging pit slamming metal madness. Meeting The Mermaids soft melodies that you just drift along to.

Acid One catchy riffs searing leads and an infectious groove with great vocals. Dark Militia heavy riffs pounding rhythms fast hard and memorable with soulful vocals. Sidereus Fatum close your eyes and float away. A Night With Its Spells slow bluesy music that envelops your very being.

Erkil on your feet groove and sing. Who Can Say Its Night slow blues with some piercing leads that just draw you into your dreams. My Shadow Kills stand sway and sing. The Blind Polifemo on your feet groove sing clap and just enjoy. The Plastic Island a very interesting tune that will take you in different directions.

Umashi's Odyssey by Slap Guru. Roosevelt at Red Cross Convention. Roosevelt gets out of limousine and enters and leaves building. Scope and Content Note Description: - 1 "Nazi Concentration Camps" Concentration map of Europe showing camps, camps' locations, then images of the camps after liberation by the Allies, showing piles of bodies, survivors, interiors including gas chambers, US army in camps, cleaning up exteriors, demonstrating torture methods, etc.

Hoover shake hands with vets most in wheelchairs and nurses, vets in wheelchairs eating, CU 2 elderly vets wanting ice cream Rainbow Division - Veteran War days are recalled at 11th annual reunion. Scope and Content Note Description: - 1 woman dancing on large rock in woods N Boats, Immigrants, Statue of Liberty, children. Bathing beauties. More dirt track racing follows, Henry Ford and family meet driver at Indy crashes. Long Intermission. Scope and Content Note Description: - Baby immediately after birth, umbilical cord still attached, another baby comes out.

Baby is held upside down and shaken. Woman sits in it. In other words, sex education. Then actual film of childbirth. Wesson Maternity Hospital. Hospital beds. Scope and Content Note Description: - silent film, VD check on soldier "Have you kissed an immoral woman lately? Scope and Content Note Description: - aerials, industrial shots.

D 3. D 4. Scope and Content Note Description: Stock footage depicting people with disabilities. Sick kids dine with FDR. Jerry King Goes to Washington. Variety Club Salute. Salk receives citation from Pres. Scope and Content Note Description: Video about homestay providers who open their home to disabled individuals from other countries. Gives guidance for these providers and. Scope and Content Note Description: Eugenics. Scope and Content Note Description: Young people, some with disabilities, go to volunteer in Costa Rica, travel in England, get together for meeting to discuss their experiences.

Roosevelt, giving speeches, running for office, funeral. Alexander Graham Bell silent film. Scope and Content Note Description: Hearing impaired activists protest, wanting a deaf president at Gallaudet University. Scope and Content Note Description: 1. C Red Cross Home Nursing. D - School kids get Salk vaccine trial. D - Handicapped Show Skills at Exposition employment. D "Portrait of Courage" wheelchair artist, paints with teeth, polio. Sander Acquitted of Mercy Killing" he euthanized cancer patient.

D infantile paralysis, iron lung. Keywords: Red Cross, polio, Salk, disabled artists, paraplegic, disability, euthanasia infantile paralysis, insanity. Takes questions. TRT approx. Jordon King. Note: NBC will not license any reporter of reporter's voice.

First story is the passage of the regulations. Interior administration of hospital. Story about a man with AIDS who wants the constitutional bill to pass. Supreme Court drawings are also. Doctors and Nurses with Patients in an Intensive Care ward. Audio wavers.

Scope and Content Note Description:. Scope and Content Note Description: Access for people with disabilities. Senators and congressmen. Having already toured in support of metal heavyweights such as Behemoth , Sepultura , Dark Tranquility , and God Forbid just to name a few these guys are poised to steal the metal spotlight in a grand way. Upon the Warlords Crawl is as superb a heavy music offering as they come, rumbling with youthful rage, composed with the care for the craft, and thrashing in your face with the immediacy for a new world order.

These guys bring it with infectious passion. Now, take those same ideals, those same fiery volleys of sound, those same extreme approaches to creating music and fast forward them twenty years, and you should be getting an idea of what Truth Corroded bring to the table. Check out the weird break about a minute fifteen in. This song is like a mechanized creature rising from the bowels of a dark laboratory, obliterating everything that stands in its path, created for one sole purpose.

Destruction of everything around it and, ultimately, itself. This is the kind of song that epitomizes heavy metal. The explosive bursts of sound are made so much more powerful by the slower portions. Truth Corroded created a masterful piece of music with this eight minute quasi-epic song. I love the emotion that the band displays on this record.

It comes across as honest and passionate, never once did I feel that anything I was listening was forced. I hear a band that ingested a lifetimes worth of old school thrash metal and vomited out a modern version of this metallic style. Maybe even better. The musicianship is top notch, the production is ear splitting, the compositions are strong, to the point, and get the message across.

Labels: album review , Australian Metal , extreme metal , heavy metal , live music review , modern thrash , The ripple Effect , thrash metal , Truth Corroded , Upon the Warlords Crawl. Labels: album reveiw , bright bright bright , dark dark dark , folk rock , free download , free mp3 , free podcast , new EP.

Sometimes you just want to turn off the noise. Find something with a gentler vibe, more soothing, less harsh. With that in mind, we present another in our occasional columns of Ripple recommendations for music to Chill to. Alex Cuba - Agua Del Pozo Quite some time ago, my wife and I ditched society and decided to spend the night out on my father's sailboat. Not to go sailing, mind you, just to use it as a floating hotel. We'd been working too hard, felt stressed and just wanted to get away. The boat was the perfect place.

Just sleeping in a different place, out on the water, was rejuvenating. The next morning as we awoke we heard the most amazing music; gentle, floating harmonies, lilting voices, angelic acoustic guitars. That music brought us into the morning as the sun was rising. Grabbing a cup of coffee, I asked the guy in the boat next door who that fantastic singer was.

Alex Cuba was his reply. Alex Cuba is truly the new face of Latin soul.

Poor Little Rich Girl - Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra - Claude Thornhill, (Vinyl, LP) Frères de Sang - Aeria Microcosme - Ep (CDr).

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  3. • Album • Various Artists. 2. Wailing Bones, Volume 2. Ihmettelenpä sanoi kampela jos lahana on pliisu. • Album • Various Artists. Brains on Backwash II: Exile on Brain Street. • Album • Various Artists. Compilation. Showing all (1) Issues. Average Avg. Post bands with cassette only releases that are.
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