Two Priests And An Atheist - Various - Damned For All Time, Vol. 2 (Vinyl)

ChurchDrama join leave 7, readers 4 users here now Drama from between the pews! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. ChurchDrama submitted 1 year ago by nonboi. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! In doing so it will find that many people want to rediscover spiritual value, seriousness and community in lives isolated by the TV and computer screen.

Gretta Vosper, a member of the Clergy Project who previously led a United Church congregation in Toronto, took most of her parishioners from the Christian congregation to a humanist one.

Congregations attempt to draw out the socially and psychologically beneficial aspects of traditional church gatherings without the need for God. One of the most popular is the Sunday Assembly, founded at the beginning of by comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans in London, but now with branches all over the country, as well as Melbourne and New York. When I went to one meeting I found a congregation of around heathens—Evans claims it is up to some weeks. There was a lecture from an Oxford astrophysicist on the universe, and an acappella group performed a song about the solar system.

Afterwards, we were encouraged to commune with our neighbours over tea, to join book groups and voluntary organisations. Dunphy agrees. The Sunday Assembly was originally held in a former church, but the land was still owned by the Church and they were asked to leave.

Religions tend to recycle the buildings, symbols and rituals of their predecessors: pagan temples were transformed into Catholic churches; Catholic churches taken over by Protestants; and Protestant churches now adopted by secular humanists. But I think the influence of religion will decline and some churches may morph. If we look at the phenomenon of the Sunday Assembly or the Houston Oasis, those [groups] are speaking to the need or the desire for community among human beings.

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Prospect subscribers have full access to all the great content on our website, including our entire archive. Of course the real villain are the priests who turned against Jesus, especially Caiaphas who has a great, deep voice perfect for his character , and their characters are actually represented with enough sleaze that you truly dislike them. King Herod also makes an appearance, in one of the most lighthearted tracks on the album called of course Herod's Song , which has a bit of a rag-time feel to it.

Prove to me that your divine- change my water into wine! But how is the music? Well, actually, really good! The rock instruments are used to great effect, and some of the guitar lines are really great - maybe a bit of David Gilmour to them, in the sense that there are a lot of long notes that hold a lot of meaning. There are also some great instrumental moments, such as "Overture", which of course hints at a lot of the themes that are present on the album as an overture is supposed to in a really great way.

Overall this is an excellent musical and rock opera, and for the more dramatically inclined prog listeners it really shouldn't be missed. It is imperfect but there are a lot of moments on it that are likely to send shivers down your spine.

A good thing, if you ask me. Musically it is one of the most accomplished attempts at mixing orchestral music with rock, with plenty of memorable melodies, recurring themes all over the place, elaborated arrangements and dramatic dynamics, by far the rockiest work I have have heard from Andrew Lloyd Webber and much better than other rock operas of the time like Hair or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is a real rock opera musical so the vocal melodies and singing performances of the different characters are very important, and they are excellent in my opinion. Whether one prefers the original version with Ian Gillan and Murray Head or the movie soundtrack will probably depend on which one you heard first and the most, and for me this means that I prefer the soundtrack.

Gillan may have been a great screamer but there is no doubt that Ted Neeley could scream too! The lyrics by Tim Rice go through the last week of Jesus life with a modern twist and put quite some focus on reminding that the actual responsibles for Jesus execution were not Judas Iscariot or Pilate who are depicted rather as victims for history but the Jewish High Priests, Caiaphas in particular, an aspect which I believe is faithful to the biblical accounts but which seems overlooked in many traditional passion plays.

This was emphasized in the movie by adding a new song which was not in the original album Then We Are Decided which represents the moment when Caiaphas and Annas decide to conspire against Jesus. The other main character is Mary Magdalene providing the contrast of a female voice and some of the most lyrical moments. Jesus is mainly presented as just a man, without making reference to any divine qualities, no miracles, no resurrection, the only concession to any supernatural powers being his prediction during the last supper that Peter will deny him three times and Judas will betray him.

So as in many good concepts the interpretation of his story is up to the listener and it doesn't matter whether you are a believer or not to appreciate the lyrics storyline. The movie on top offered an original scenography combining the idea of filming on location at Middle East ruins mixed with modern atrezzo and it is drenched with a lovely hippie feel, watch it if you can. This needs to be listened to from beginning to end, the first disc is very good but the most climactic moments are in the second disc with Gethsemane, Pilate and Christ, Trial Before Pilate or the moving closing adagio John Keeping in mind that this is not a traditional prog-rock album but rather a Broadway musical, this is a great musical work and should appeal to many open minded proggers, for myself it was also an important album in my childhood and will always remain a masterpiece.

This is the movie soundtrack. The original piece doesn't have "Then We Are Decided? Let's first introduce the singers: Ted Neeley Jesus has a powerful and quite high-pitched voice. Suitable for metal clean singing. Consider that Ian Gillan has interpreted this part in the first version.

They are not much dissimilar. I have lost his tracks. Carl Anderson Judas , recently passed away had one of the most beautiful voices that I've ever heard and a big part of the movie success is due to him and of course to his character.

Unfortunately, out of this movie he has done just some barely listenable soul music with a short excursion in newage. It's a pity seen a so big talent wasted in tis way.

Yvonne Elliman Magdalene is a great interpreter. She's probably the only one capable of playing as actress other than singing. She's very expressive and it's a pity that the video- music of the 80s has ignored her. There's one song sung from her in the Saturday Night's Fever soundtrack. Also the other main interpreters would deserve to be mentioned but this wants to be a review, not a book. Now the songs: As in classic opera the overture is a short suite which anticipates the main musical themes of the opera.

After you have listened to the whole album I suggest coming back to this track to better appreciate it. The story starts immediately with what I consider the best song of the whole opera.

This version can't be compared to the original one in terms of vocals. The guitar sound is acid, vaguely inspired to the Californian psychedelia of these times. The Apostles Peter's voice is another excellent one ask Jesus about his plans. Unlike Jesus they live on Earth, but instead of calming them he starts speaking of his bad omen.

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'Damned for all time' features an excellent fuzz guitar intro and chiming flutes. It breaks into a fast tempo with tons of brass and Murray Head's emotional vocals. Chris Mercer's tenor sax on this is divine and the way that the time sig breaks with various parts montaging together to tell a /5(20).

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  1. I realized that his death and how much it mattered to me is all tied up with my trip from being a priest to being an atheist. I started school in a Catholic kindergarten when I was four years old. In November of , when Kennedy was murdered, I was 25 and in my last year of Roman Catholic seminary, waiting to be ordained in nine months as a.
  2. yes I know one. And he say that he is quite sure most are but don’t admit it (wich I think is a bit much but anyway). He say he does what he does to help others; that a lot of people need to believe in these things and that creates a less chaotic.
  3. Nov 05,  · Can one be a priest and an atheist? That’s a question Religion News Service is asking after a survey revealed that two percent of Anglican clergy in England believe that God is a social survey also found that 16 percent of clergy are unclear about the nature of God. Despite the growing number of individuals in both the United States and the United Kingdom who identify as .
  4. At this point now, we are out of time for “primitive” Caveman belief’s, time for all religion’s to get out of the way of true progress. If they weren’t so scared of Stem-Cell’s dis-proving that any “god” is needed for Man to exist, we would have cured most diseases already.
  5. Released with two page booklets with lyrics, notes, graphics, and photos. All titles (P) (C) MCA Records, Inc. except: King Herod's Song (P) Norrie Paramor Music Ltd/5(38).
  6. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Two Original Albums: The Priests / Harmony - The Priests on AllMusic.
  7. Editor’s Note: The following is an adaptation of a homily that the author gave earlier this month at Sunday Mass. O f course there is no God. That thought came to me with great clarity and force.
  8. Mar 14,  · Father John was raised an atheist. His father discouraged involvement with any religion. Even so, as a teenage he became interested in Christianity, through his sister's coach. He began traveling with a church choir, even though he was not a believer. Father John was ordained a priest .

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