Shadows And Flashes - Various - Forever Psychedelic (CD)

Same goes for Capt. All of these albums would be at the top of my list for all time best psych albums hands down. Wonderwall and Electronic Sounds by Harrison. Try top psych albums. Also perhaps state a darte cutoff? It should go without saying that any group with one album on the list probably did other psych lps too. Also Odyssey and Oracle by the Zombies is a must. Amazed that you left of Julian Cope off the list, especially as you own a big chunk of his catalogue!!!

It would be fun to see a vote. Artwork, content, both? Impact on our society?? What about Plasticland or Rain Parade? The Dukes of Stratosphere? All better than The Fraternal Order. Uriah Heep, maybe. Electric Prunes, probably. Fever Tree, definitely. Allan Parsons, I Robot, maybe.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination, probably. Of course, you will likely call Parsons stuff something else. Spirit, yes. Donovan, yes. Tough making lists, but it certainly makes us think. It is possibly THE most psychedelic album of all time,…………………Why omit?????

I am in total agreement with those who feel both the Moody Blues and Spirit should have been included in the list…especially the Moody Blues, as they were always the albums of choice to listen to while doing acid. Their music truly enhanced the hallucinations, defining the effect of psychedelic music. Please add The Grays! One album only. They had nothing to do with the Psychedelic era whatsoever.

The bands the members played in prior to D. You will think you are on acid while listening to it. Great list. Some very solid psychedelia in music. Rex Electric Warrior, either. Deep Purple — Fireball!! There is a lot of good music from that era, and I listen to SiriusXM and they play a lot of it. Freakiest thing i ever heard….. One band that had similar music, yet not on the list, is The Ides of March from Chicago. Ogre, Ballad of Eleanor Rigby, Superman and other songs are just as creative and unusual as the psychedelic music represented above.

Very popular with fans of psychedelia at the time. Omitting Incredible String Band baffles me. Lots of good suggestions in the comments. Terrific albums and typically psychedelic. You can take Nirvana off your list. Nothing they ever did was remotely psychedelic.

No Bubble Puppy here??? Gathering of Promises is easily in the top Without that one, the list lacks relevance. Agree with Doors, but what about L. Echoes from Meddle, Dark Side? Just listen t that stoned… And where is the number one psyco band Pink Floyd? Listen to most of their music wiil make you a believer.

And so not to draw too much critique Everything Pink Ployd released could just about fit, just think the earlier ones are more trippy. Is it music that sounds good when people are on drugs or is it music that supposedly emulates the effect of listening to music whilst on drugs?

Dukes of Stratosphear both albums Post-modern but pretty damn good! I miss Moody Blues. Being a pom from that era obviously greatly influenced by the home grown scene as our access to the great US music scene was limited to listening to John Peel on tinny transistor radios. This list is lame. Vanilla Fudge should definitely be on the list. The British Nirvana is not good enough.

July and H. Lovecraft were awesome picks, though. Nice to remember the first Soft Machine and Traffic albums too, since they tend to be best remembered by their later stuff on other genres. Beefhearts and Pretty Things? And you obviously meant Mr. Fantasy when you mentioned Traffic, right? And why not include some psychedelic soul too? What about Pearl. Janes Joplin with Big Brother and the holding companies.

Whoever made this list was not alive during the Physcidelic era. All of the above are worthwhile candidates from this era. But this is the mother lode. It is now a 4 CD set that has stuff you would have to look for ages to find. Weird list. Some are good choices; many make me scratch my head.

Pipers at thr gates dawn, saucer full of secrets. By pink floyd. How about. The electric prunes. I had to much to dream last night. Wheels of Fire — Cream. Many like Disreali Gears because they know Sunshine of Your Love but Wheels of Fire has far better music on it than most of the list above and all sorts of sound effects — if that is what psychedelic music is all about. Deceptive, illusory sounds, odd lyrics and brilliant playing all abound on this album.

Jimi Hendrix — Are You Experienced? These three albums have many of the psychedelic elements that many of the above mentioned have too.. Surrealistic Pillow is kind of a pop album.

Wild Honey by the Beach Boys comes close. Magical Mystery Tour is probably the Beatles most psychedelic. The 2nd Moody Blues album comes in pretty strong.

The list is endless and would be better as a top list. There were many more that were very psychedelic. This group of people ahead of me caught most of them. Great to listen to the old tunes. Iggy Pop or MC-5 anybody? Hawk Windows should have been mentioned. They had a psynthasiser as big as a car on stage. I agree with the majority of comments that there are many on this list that are there more for the artwork than the music.

Even the art work reflected that. Amon Duul ll, Agitation Free?? Left out some great bands!! They left out Sgt. Peppers which to me was the first Beatles Psychedelic album. Revolver was great but not psychedelic. And there was probably never a more Psychedelic band than the Fugs. Also, they start with the Forever Changes Love album which was my favorite but it was their third album. And I almost forgot one of the most important psychedelic pioneers: Donovan. How could they forget him? The Byrds were way out in front.

In Mr. First group to transition from Folk Rock to Psychedelic Rock. Great job. Impossible task, of course. And it should be number one and revolver number two. That album is far FAR more psychedelic than many of the albums on this list. Brian Wilson going on a total spacial trip and exploring layers of sounds, thereby leading to inspiring some of the biggest albums and artists listed here! Too bad SMiLE was not released when it should have been too. Not only would the ultimate psychedelic single, Good Vibrations, have been on it, but the rest of it would have been mind exploration to the ultimate degree.

Any Donovan album from the s. His Greatest Hits album is an excellent collection of psychedelia. Lovecraft II is far more psychedelic than their debut album. Some good choices here. Yes — tales from topographic Ocean? Of course it is a difficult job to just put 25, especially 25 albums that everyone would agree on. InnerSpeaker and Lonerism are incredible works of psychedelic music and Currents I think is incredible and unique; Kevin is more than willing to explore and experiment with his style, like truly great artists often do.

He composes nearly all the songs, for all the instruments, and records, produces, and mixes them, Nearly all by himself! Seeing him receive the appreciation, credit and love that he deserves makes me very happy. Again, thank you to everyone that contributed! So glad to have this resource, truly.

What about Orzic Tentacles? In my opinion, one of the most influential psychedelic bands from post era. This is your list. Just to name a few….. Agree with so many of the additional recommendations for this list. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Psychedelic music is a broad category.

I see English and American genres, I see progressive, and even power pop in these lists. I thought the beatles went psych with Sgt Peppers and Mystery Tour is more of the same. Chambers group is a southern gospel group with one of the greatest psych songs of all time. I love the small faces but Itchycoo Park is there best psych song. To me the greatest psych songs are Piper at the Gates of dawn the long instrumentals and keyboard driven Arthur Brown.

Produced by Dave Mason of Traffic. It was a totally psychedelic album. Please remove artists like Tame Impala, this looks like a publicity for them; they nothing to do with the list, not in generation, neither in quality.

Innerspeaker is nothing but quality and is better than half of the stuff mentioned. Currents though is not psychedelic. Tim Blake New Jerusalem The late guitarist. Christian Boule. Photo Music Sundial,Porcupine Tree. Psychedelic Music is in the eye, or the mind, of the beholder.. Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Country Joe would all be on my list. To name a few…. I suppose you should have been there to qualify in making the list: Some of your selections were correct, but some were obscure and others are in a different category.

Yours is a great list. I tend to agree that it is far more connected to what they are talking about than any on this list. Glad to see Umma on the page at least.

Same year. Arthur Brown was out there , a Mermaid I should turn to be , Electric Lady Land, started a trip , took you there , and returned you for a nice soft landing. Nice call with the Fraternal Order of the All. Always thought Andrew Gold should have made a second album under that name. This is an obscure one from norway.

As it was reviewed in Record Collector shifting from the gentle territory mapped out by Broadcast or Stereolab to exotica and more guitar based nu-psych. Not everything works, but they definitely have a psychedelic mind-set.

Blows Against the Empire! So psychedelic has to be from the 60s I see. Sorry but some of these are pretty lame. I guess my idea of psychedelic music is vastly different than yours. While I agree on some of the bands, not really the album choices.

Zappa of course. Zappa of course and the long songs on Electric Ladyland by Jimi H. Why do people always feel obliged to include at least one Beatles album in the top-5 of whatever-greatest list? Both Sgt. Good list but I would like to add some obscure masterpieces. Most of these you can find on Youtube. Their music is FROM fairyland. Very atmospheric. They improved with each release.

Difficult to find but posted on Youtube. Did one spectacular album that was an anthem on underground stations. It actually fits a bit more under early pioneering progressive rock. Members of Yes admitted Touch as a major influence. A tongue-in-cheek concept album on Heaven and Hell. Some of their music can be considered more world music, devotional, or mystical but some is quite psychedelic, all beautiful.

The Zombies- Odyssey and Oracle is really an inexcusable omission on this list. It certainly has to be one of the top I think it qualifies above more than a couple on this list. No Incredible String Band? Fun list and great comments. Just have to say, however, that the list gets one critical thing right: Revolver is a more important psychedelic album than Sgt. Revolver came out in , before psychedelia had been mainstreamed into the pop culture.

There were innovations in each of these songs that inspired and re-appeared in later psychedelic music. Revolver was the psychedelic vanguard! The list could go on and on, but that the point. He was truly revolutionary; his history is a fascinating read. You missed Twink Think Pink album…classic Psych !

Also the David. Not the greatest list. I am so glad I found this discussion as I love psychedelic music. I sure have a lot of listening to do now. So, thanks for that. So I lived psychedelia. Fantasy US Version. It has a very trippy mood throughout it.

Chris Wood, Traffic, plays on it too. All of those belong on the list. As I was scrolling down the list I was thinking that the Zombies and Love belonged on the list. Turns out both were in the Top 10…. I have a number of the other albums on the list so can argue with them either.

Tip of the hat to Clyde Clifford. I know taste is subjective and there is no right or wrong, but still this list is so flawed. A few of these selections are spot on, but most are absolute garbage and not at all psychedelic, like Cinema Olympia, to name one of the worse tracks recommended here. The most psychedelic song ever recorded is Mind Flowers by Ultimate Spinach.

Yes Ultimate Spinach should be on the essential list, it is at once ultimately psychedelic, cringing lyrically and sonicly mind bending, and A movie and sub B movie all at the same time, Cosmic Man! Gilded lamp of the Cosmos 2. Visions of Your Reality 3.

Jazz Thing 4. Mind Flowers Side B 1. Suite: Genesis of Beauty in four parts 3. Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse 4. Fragmentary March of Green. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Format: UK English. Steve Brassington July 30, at am. Steve, very nearly made our list…a classic indeed.

Gary December 28, at am. Mike Murray December 30, at pm. Olias of Sunhillow, Jon Anderson. Properly psychedelic, not just the artwork. Bob Parsons January 13, at pm. Heronimus Fin — Bloodguilt…psych heaven. Dan April 25, at pm. Tom April 15, at pm. Mike Barnard July 30, at pm. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date November 21, Track Listing - Disc 1. Good Vibrations. The Beach Boys. The Young Ones.

Cliff Richard. House of the Rising Sun. The Animals. I'm into Something Good. Gerry Goffin. Herman's Hermits. How Do You Do It? Walkin' Back to Happiness. Helen Shapiro. I'll Never Fall in Love Again. Bobbie Gentry. Anyone Who Had a Heart. Cilla Black. Carole King. Bad to Me. Billy J. The First Time. You Were Made for Me. Do Wah Diddy Diddy. Ellie Greenwich. Manfred Mann. Peter Sarstedt. A World Without Love. I Remember You.

Frank Ifield. Sunshine Superman. The Shadows. The Wanderer. Shakin' All Over. Track Listing - Disc 2. Anthony Newley. Shirley Bassey. Georgy Girl. The Seekers. God Only Knows. Sha La La. Step Inside Love. Just One Look. The Hollies.

When it was released in the US in , the record label changed the artwork to a simpler, red-tinted design — "this horrible 'new-wave'-looking generic cover", in Ashton's view.

Forever Now was released on 25 September The album was reissued on vinyl by Vinyl in the UK in without bonus content. This reissue extended the original Barney Bubbles cover art to a gatefold record sleeve. The tour included session players Sheldon and Windo, as well as Buller on keyboards. They toured the US in November and December, with a holiday break at the end. Official music videos for three songs were produced in The album jumped to its peak position of No. A contemporary review in Trouser Press praised the Furs for their "increased sophistication" as songwriters and musicians.

Some reviews at the time were less receptive. In a more reserved review for Rolling Stone , Ken Tucker wrote that "although most of Forever Now is alluring and amusing, only once does the band come up with something really new.

Later assessments of the album have been more positive in their reception. Writing for AllMusic , Ned Raggett effusively called it "simply fantastic" [17] while Stylus looked back on it as "the Furs' masterpiece". Side A [49]. Side A [50]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from President Gas. The Psychedelic Furs. Archived from the original on 10 April The Village Voice. Archived from the original on 9 July Denver Westword.

Archived from the original on 20 August OC Weekly. Duncan McIntosh Co. Moby Grape. Moby Grape Bonus Track Version. Eight Miles High. The Byrds. Fifth Dimension Bonus Track Version. Time of the Season. The Zombies. Odessey and Oracle. Sunday Morning Stereo Version. Pictures of Matchstick Men Mono Version. Status Quo. The Technicolor Dreams of the Status Quo. You Keep Me Hangin' On. Vanilla Fudge.

Kites Are Fun. The Free Design. Green Tambourine. The Lemon Pipers. Get Together. The Youngbloods. Let's Live For Today Rerecorded. The Grass Roots. Let's Live for Today. Fresh Air. Masters of Rock: Quicksilver Messenger Service. Wowie Zowie Stereo Mix. Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.

Syd Barrett. The Madcap Laughs Deluxe Version. Grateful Dead. Shadows and Reflections. The Action. Keep On Holding On. Sky Pilot.

The Twain Shall Meet. Too Much Talk. Something Happening. Painted Dayglow Smile Single Version. Midsummer Night's Scene. John's Children. A Strange Affair. Wrapping Paper Remastered Fresh Cream Deluxe.

Laugh, Laugh. The Beau Brummels. I See the Rain. There's a Lot of It About. Heroes and Villains.

Whispers In The Shadow „Yesterday Is Forever“ - Info: Zum zehnten Mal taucht die Band von Ashley Dayour aus den Schatten und bringt ein Goth-Rock-Album mit. Whispers In The Shadow „Yesterday Is Forever“.

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  1. Oct 16,  · Shadows And Flashes Guitar – Guido Le Fric* Producer, Written-By – Holger Bucholtz*, Thorsten Janert: 3 Various: Forever Psychedelic ‎ (CD, Comp, Promo) Matsuri Productions: MP CDP UK: Sell This Version: MPTCD Various: Forever Psychedelic 4/5(44).
  2. Sep 29,  · MP CD Various: Forever Psychedelic X.I.S.'s Shadows and Flashes brings things back to the fuller-oner side of psy. Starting dark and brooding, Shadows works into a nice stomper with a nice mix of new and old school elements. Telepresence, by Digitalis (AKA, Seb Taylor, i.e. Shatka) shows us the breaker side of Seb Taylors work, while 4/5(26).
  3. Oct 16,  · MP CD Various: Forever Psychedelic X.I.S.'s Shadows and Flashes brings things back to the fuller-oner side of psy. Starting dark and brooding, Shadows works into a nice stomper with a nice mix of new and old school elements. Telepresence, by Digitalis (AKA, Seb Taylor, i.e. Shatka) shows us the breaker side of Seb Taylors work, while 4/5(84).
  4. Various: Shadows And Flashes Various - Forever Psychedelic (Comp) 2 versions: Matsuri Productions CD Various.
  5. Mar 03,  · Various - Forever Psychedelic MATSURI PRODUCTIONS Tracklist 1 Digitalis – Telepresence Producer, Written-By – Seb Taylor* 2 X.I.S. – Shadows And Flashes Guitar – Guido Le Fric* Producer, Written-By – Holger Bucholtz*, Thorsten Janert 3 Space Cat – Space Cats Various - Psychedelic Goa Trance 2 ; K.U.R.O.
  6. CD , , none: Various: Perpetuate Various - Trans Europa (A Swiss-Swedish Techno-Compilation) ‎ (CD, Comp) BPM Records, BPM Records, Art Sound Records, Front Music Production: CD , , none: Switzerland: Sell This Version.
  7. Nov 27,  · --psychedelic trance music--Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music - Best Rock Music Of All Time - 60s and 70s Rock Playlist - Duration: MoMo Lisa Recommended for you.
  8. • A 3-CD set, “Looking Through A Glass Onion” assembles these disparate strands into one cohesive package, with the studio day trippers, the cultural pranksters, the genre-benders, the folk club stalwarts and the hair-down-to-his-knees prog-rock brigade all grooving up slowly to the starting line. • The result is the proverbial Magical Mystery Tour, a Fab Four parallel universe, a.

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