Maschere A Carimiccio

Strong and warm. Semi-lucid smooth surface, strong and warm. An excellent material, extraordinarily beautiful. Available as half hides only. Vegetable tanning uses an old recipe that blends bygone processes with all the technology available today. The process is done by tanners that hand down their slow tanning craftsman from generation to generation with care and passion, thus turning the raw hides into leather without jeopardising nature in any way.

A process that is based on the use of natural tannins extracted from trees, on new technology and on long processing times. Indeed, it takes almost 40 days to turn raw hide into a leather like no other in the world, inimitable and unmistakable. Vegetable tanned leathers take on traces of our life. They age, but do not spoil. As time goes by, the colours of the tannins give the leather warm hues that tend to stand out on the surface of each piece as it is used, products that become unique, personal and that are unrepeatable for each user, like what happens to our skin.

The product tends to transform depending on how it is used, thus bringing out its better side. Choosing a product made from this leather means owning a unique, one-of-a-kind product.

The use of tannins leads to extremely high quality products: soft and smooth leathers, marked by full and brilliant dyes, finished in all the possible ways and destined for any use.

Products that also have enviable mechanical wear and tear, fully balanced products, even from the point of view of water and temperature resistance, parameters that are often cited as important limits to natural products. The result is a product that is superior in every aspect, that blends excellent technical features with the prerogative of being made with materials with bygone tastes, that has warm colours and a unique design, a product that will last and improve in time, a product that, at the end of its useful life, can be disposed of safely.

The knowledge of wood has led the company to explore its vast possibilities aimed at achieving new and more exclusive collections. He is an old, rich Venetian, grumpy, wise, prudent, and avaricious, who often falls in love with women much younger than himself with predictable comic results. He wears a red shirt over red pantaloni pantaloons or trousers , a black or red hat and black sleeveless coat, and has a pointed beard. Dottor Balanzone represents the successful layer: fat, boring and ignorant.

Colombina Columbine is the most popular female maschera. Her name comes from colomba dove , the name given to a young woman who is innocent and naive or is pretending to be so.

Pretty, lively, furba cunning and chiacchierona , Colombina represents the typical servant who is always lying in order to protect her young mistress. She is usually engaged or married to Arlecchino. Arlecchino Harlequin is certainly the most popular and best loved Italian maschera.

Born in Bergamo Arlecchino is a servant who is furbo , bugiardo liar and simpaticissimo witty. He wears a multicoloured patchwork costume made up of many diamond shaped pieces of fabric.

You can find pictures of maschere di carnevale on this site: Maschere di Carnevale. Buon divertimento! I have just recently looked at your blogs and find them very interesting. I have used Word of the Day to extend my Italian knowledge for some years. I stagnate and get very bored Vinny so I changed just to freshen things up, hopefully this will produce some good art.

I'm sure it will John, good work keep painting! Will do mate thanks for the faves also. You are welcome John! Cool looking mask. I work with people that look exactly like this John, without the need to wear a mask.

Come to think of it, the use of acrylics suits your style. Provate questa, allora: aggiungete a un cucchiaio di olio d'oliva e uno di yogurt naturale un frutto a scelta fra avocado , per avere capelli lucidi e morbidi, e banana deve essere matura, mi raccomando per capelli secchi. Frullate il frutto e aggiungete gli altri ingredienti, poi applicate la maschera, dopo lo shampoo stavolta, e lasciatela agire per dieci minuti; per un maggiore effetto, coprite con la pellicola o con una cuffia quelle che si trovano in hotel, per intenderci.

Potete anche sostituire lo yogurt con un cucchiaio di olio d'oliva. Bisogna sempre frullare il cetriolo e mescolatelo poi con l'uovo e un cucchiaio di olio. Tenetela in posa sempre per dieci minuti. Yogurt, banana, limone grattuggiato : in una ciotola versate mezzo vasetto di yogurt, mezza banana schiacciata e un cucchiaino di limone grattuggiato: mescolate per bene e poi applicate per quindici minuti. Capelli Capelli Ricci Maschere Maschere per capelli.

Mascheroni was established about 40 years ago in Cabiate, a town not far from Milan. We create objects inspired by tradition and projected into the future to offer living solutions and guarantee the emotional and aspirational needs of a refined and sophisticated international clientele with .

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  4. Ciao FANTASTICI! In questo video tutorial vi spiego come realizzare una maschera stile shabby&chic ispirata alle maschere veneziane, quelle che si indossano.
  5. Feb 18,  · Although the literal translation of maschera is ‘mask’, maschere are in fact actual representations of characters or personalities. The traditional maschere date back to the Commedia dell’Arte (lit. Comedy of Art), an improvised comedy popular in Italian theatres of 16thth centuries, which featured familiar ‘stock’ characters.
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  7. Trattandosi di prodotti alimentari, è necessario applicarli prima di lavare i capelli - e anche in questo, i ricci vanno trattati in modo particolare! -, perché a differenza di normali maschere nutrienti in commercio che vanno via con un risciacquo, i prodotti naturali vanno eliminati lavando, e anche per bene. Vi proporremo anche maschere post shampoo, comunque.

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