Little Birdy - The Anomoanon - The Derby Ram (CD, Album)

I then tidied it up somewhat, in order to make it sound a bit more logical. This was particularly in the second line of the 1st verse, which would otherwise have been repeated in the last verse, and in verses 3 and 4. From what has been said in the thread so far it sounds as though only two verses were originally written by " Mick Taylor of Hawes in Wensleydale " and the rest have developed from the oral tradition.

Has anyone any more info, eg when did Mick Taylor write it and was it for a particular occasion? Where did you get yours? Neither are Mudcatters. Next time I see them I will ask them their sources Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Hurrah for the country life From: Susanne skw Date: 19 Jul 03 - PM The connections between English and Low German being one of my hobby-horses, the above discussion reminded me that my grandmother used to speak of a piece of waterlogged land she owned as 'Leegland' the double e pronounced like a Scottish -ay, i.

Seems to be no connection at all, though, because 'Leegland' meant 'bad land', not usable for grazing or farming. Sorry for the thread creep! Thats what I was lead to believe anyway. As I said at the time, it seems very unlikely. Hope this helps. Subject: Origins: Country Life the trad. Does anyone know anything about his origins such as how old it might be, who wrote it, if it was a popular song before the Watersons recorded it, etc.

I know there are other threads on it, but no-one seems to have got beyond the bloke that taught it to the Watersons. Cheers, Chris 'Cool as Folk' - my online folk radio show. The words layland, leyland, leland, leylond and leyk- land are all synonyms of Lealand.

Lealand is fallow land, or land laid down for grass. The word first appeared in print in the 14th century glossed into modern English as leylond. I may have missed some of the various spellings. In the sense of the song, 'laylums' is just a corruption. From: Susanne skw Date: 11 Oct 04 - PM Chris, I've nothing to contribute on the early history of the song beyond what has been mentioned Watersons notes and thread , but my notes include a parody called 'Country Boy'.

Haven't checked, but it may have come from the DT or the Forum. I hates to rise when the sun she rises early in the morning I hates to hear them small birds singing merrily upon the lyelam And a pox on the life of a country boy Who's allergic to the new-mown hay I hate larks and I hate thrushes early in the morning I hate birds of every size merrily upon the lyelam And when they start their bloody song I want to poke them in their little eyes In winter when the sky is grey early in the morning We sit and watch TV all day merrily upon the lyelam But in summer when the sky is gay We sit and watch TV all day.

That website is a great help, thanks masato sakurai. Chris Cool as Folk - fresh folk music from England and beyond. Collect as many plungers as possi- ble, then assemble them into scaffolding ot the end of the level. If the erection reaches the upper level, Booger gets his grubby fingernails on on extra life.

On rare occasions, Booger man comes across a lav, which bears an up or down or row symbol. These are normally chunk -fu I of plunger goodies and power-ups r and they also reset all the plungers when you re-emerge on the up arrow lavs , Take care before you slip down the pan, though, as there may be something nasty lurking under the rim! Actually, I'm quite juvenile, so although there were no belly laughs, I quite enjoyed being able ta fart with Impunity instead of clenching my cheeks as normally hap- pens.

What matters Is the game behind the styling is quite sound — a chirpy and not- very-easy platform romp which ikes to keep you on your toes and pro- vides a nice clutch of secret levels and bosses. My one concern is that things don't change that much Into the game. The level graphics change, but the game's dis- tinctive look doesn't make for a great deal of variety, and the layouts ore quite linear. All toe often a nov- elty idea such as this will swamp a game, yet Boo germ em's filty habits actually fit into he game ploy really welL Yes, it is another platformer, but It is extremely polished and Incredibly playable.

Amusing ' enemy sprites. Quito a 'Smiled set af colour pallettei, and styling deav. Plerily of Icteli, did lives- ha Me to be garnod.

Til G? Well if Squirrels are so bloody good at road safety why are there so many squashed on busy side streets? Secrel Squirrel: God awful co noon which h only marginally better than Batfink. A mate of Touche Turtle. Because of his nutty diet his turds resemble Topic bars, Incidentally, where do Topic bars come from? Boom town. All the customary level ideas have been incorporat- ed, with spooky forests containing all manner of oddball wood- land nightmares, a series of claustophobk caverns housing manic vegetation, and a gaudy-looking giant s house — com- plete with a huge tenant acting as a boss!

Initially, the levels are simple horizontally-scrolling affairs, but from the dark forest onwards, they are expanded to scroll in all directions, with only one of several paths guiding the searching squirrel to the exit. Cool became a bit of Mr Ntxtz fern. I remember playing it in its Super NES inco motion and feeling it was a little too slow at time, but this Megadrive version is con- siderably taster and the game opens up a great deal because of this.

Graphically, Nutz is one of the best platformers of lote and whilst it doesn't have the animation of, soy. Lion King, the sprites and big and bold, and there's plen- ty of colour to spruce things up even further, The action Is all pretty standard stuff, but the variety of backdrops and foes ensures Nutz doesn't sink into the quag- mire of boredom - and some of the later levels offer a real challenge.

Ocean have a real floir for the platform genre, and Mr Nutz — whilst not the best game in their extensive cat- alogue — is a good entry to the Sega market for them. Give it a go, you won't be disppointed. For the anorak GWs out Ihere, you may be interested that each foe has two death animations, with some splitting in half whilst others ore squashed flat. By far the most impressive effect, though, is the grisly dismemberment of the gome's first boss — the afore- mentioned giant.

As Nutz leaps on to the poor so-and-so s head, the giant's eyes pop oul, his tongue foils out, and his cranium eventually explodes. So much far the cutesy element, then A rniouabk price tar an 6MEG plarfamwr d tbii iiandord. This time, I ha ugh! Interplay are promising something different — as their freshly-con- verted Clay Fighters ore quite literally that! As with all such beat em ups, Clay Fighter is a one-on-one extra vag a ma, with the player guiding their Play-Don pugilist to victory against the other seven.

Each three-round battle is set within o time-limit,, and the bask aim is to use each fight- er's punches ond kicks to whittle away the opponent's ener- gy, c'mon, you know the score by now.

Eight bizarre fighters have gathered together to knock the stuffing out of each other. However, anyone expecting normal fighters such as Liu Kang or Ryu has go another think coming.

See what we mean The Megadrive version has retained as much of this as possible r with Blue Suede Goo murmuring 'Thongyerverymuch' with every flick of his fringe, and Tiny uttering guttural nonsense at every opportunity. His greasy quiff is hit jreatest weapon, lane h4 dm Not at oil on the small side, d a real lunk of a fighter. A clay-based wrestler and keen on perform- ing mid- bout dis- sec- tions.

Each entrant has three specials, hut, of the eight t Blob is. Oh dear, this is a very dis- appointing conver- sion, Whilst the Super NIS version of Clay Fighter was never likely to become a classic of the genre, it was a bit of a novelty and a playable little game to boot, This Mega drive version, though, loses out in terms of both speed and animation, with the players reacting slug- gishly to the jaypad, and lurching from move to move.

Faults like these mean Clay Fighter just cannot compete against the likes of Capcom's game, and Interplay's entry to the beat J em up genre is sadly just another contender KO'd in the first round. A combat game using rendered images of clay models is a novel idea, but Clayfighter has lost most of its clarity, with fuzzy characters and poor bock- drops, and much of the ani- mation seems to have gone out of the window too.

But the game's main problem is mechanics and computer intelligence. The computer is a dire opponent, and in many coses repetitive moves allow you to steam through the game in an insipid manner, Despite the Imaginative range af attacks, it often seems ran- domly decided who comes out best in an encounter — there's no clear contact. The nicest thing to comment on is the speech samples - load of them and extremely clear. But alas we have. Still H whatever its origins, iA have deemed Rugby popular enough to immortalise as a Meg ad rive gome, All the scrums, conversions and passing of the real thing have been ported over, but yaw' II have to supply your own dirty songs for the bath after each match.

Similarly, Rugby is graphically more refined than EA r s classic kickaround F with neater sprites and more animation frames, includ- ing fumbles, ump catches, and fending off opponents.

Whilst kicking and passing are effected using the A and B buttons respectively, players in pos- session of the bail can also extend an arm to deter oncoming defenders by holding both but- tons together, However, if the opposition are in possession, the button configuration is altered slightly to allow for tackles and blocks — with the C button giving the player a handy burst of speed.

Scrums and bundles run along the same lines, with B used to hook the ball away towards o flanking player I used to hate Rugby as I could never see the appeal M grab- bing someone's ankles only to get a muddy boat in the face. Still, EA's Rugby WC features all the skill and accuracy of the sport, but doesn't involve extensive dentist work after every game — so that's fine by me.

For a game with so many moves, EA's Rugby is a dream to play. The joy- pad buttons effect different moves when the player is in possession of the boll or chasing it, and the range of tackles, shoves and drop kicks are simply awesome. A power bar appears as the player lines up for the kick, and press C gradually fills the bar as the shot power increases.

As the bar is filled, though, a small marker representing the accuracy of the kick is reduced and when the C button is pressed, a pointer whizzes towards the marker. Pressing C again stops the pointer and initiates the kick, ond the closer the pointer stops to the marker, the straighter the kick. Tongn is top, and you A Who had what, how fonq they had if far ond where they hod ft. So titm. MM SEGA 93 optional extras Rugby boosts a full complement of inter nation til sides, ranking from the likes of Japan and Paraguay to the more recognisable New Zealand and England squads In terms of options, Rugby is up with the best with a variety of tour- naments, lactic screens, and player information.

The latter is particularly useful as it allows the player to double as a manager and replace wingers or defenders crocked by patticularly heavy tackles. Stun rung and wrth nfl iIdw- tlown whuib-Dtvci. Rugby is so close that non -devo- tees may find it o little bewildering getting to grips with the controls and the messy on-screen action of mauls, rucks and scrum- mages thankfully It comes with an excellent manual.

Otherwise, you cannot grumble about teams or tourneys oh, alright then — where's the Five Nations? Ferociously fun, but be pre- pared to put in more effort than FIFA before getting results. Who knows, maybe we re next on the Great Check- Lis! Such mortal worries certainly aren't the concern of Mono be, Tim a Warner's latest gaming hero, as his futuristic techno civilisation upped and jumped ship long ago- Swept by plagues, floods, and or her assorted life-etfinguishing occurrences, Monobe's world bears few reminders af the once grand and prosperous cities of centuries gone by.

The stylistic simi- larities with previously ail UL esto b 1 ' sh e d titles - colour palette of Flashback and the movement of X- Men - niggled me in Ihe originality stakes, and Monobe looks pretty poor. But once the game gets going It is apparent that there is far mare to this than meets the eye. The storyline, at times painfully slow -burning, is remark- ably engrossing and well- Crafted, even reaching addictive status for some of the stages.

In addition the puzzle element has been economically used to ensure progress is reasonably slow- paced - at times bor- dering on btimmin' frustrat- ing. Quite frankly, Generations Lost has some nice features, but in today's gaming climate I can't see it keeping up with the very fierce competition. But thankfully on his adventures, he encounters the occa- sional antique with enough juice left in it to i give him a boost to his suit, more scope to his rope, added string for his swing, or plain 'ol store his current position.

Let's take a sneak peek at what's on offer in the future collection of the House of Keptan. Handy for unlocking doors. Cue 'World In Action' theme tune. With a spot B. Once strapped in, a flick to the inventory screen shows the destinations accessible depending on Monabe s current security status, It's a lonely life for poor Monobe.

It seems that everybody either wants to hit him with lead pipes or throw bombs at his head. So it's good to see the occasional person giving a helping hand. From the outset, Monobe is given helpful advice from the village elder oil the various sectors and their inhabitants. In the early levels at least, the main gome- play hazards come from the inanimate backgrounds, and progress Is mostly a matter of watching your step and remembering the layout.

Karhpantor etc. But these generations are likely to be lost in the flood of other more ener- getic platform games this Christmas. CALL iFlintstooas. CALL I. M 99 flevenoe oi Shinoba CALL Thunderhiwfc CALL 0rymp c Gold MM ZocA Qwickloy Speedpad SG. Sega Mjsrer System Pad. Plaun sUmln, make and mooW ol com p til or whnn Drdarryg If you can t see what you warn please calk new slock arrives dally. Mulff SyUvn.

Via I he many icons shown above or to the side of the play area, the player con add spin lo a shot H chalk the cue, and use a targeting line for those diffi- cult shots. So who! Easy, you con view Jimmy's table from any angle: from high above, close enough to the banc to cause chin burns, and from on lop of the cue ball. There isn't a Jimmy White community service sub- game in there, either. Funny that.

The one-player game features four computer -controlled players the imaginatively-named Tom r Dick, and harry. Oh, and someone called Jimmy , and if these aren't up to your newly- ocquired standards, Virgin hove thrown in a number of trick shots for the player to tinker with or attempt These feature ominous names like 1 did this once' and The most impossi- ble shot in the world " Just so you know what your up against!

Getting all those balls into the table's six pocket is made easier thanks to the game's extensive icon system. Let's try that again shall we Line up behind the white f and use the rotate icon to scan I for the easiest-looking shot.

Summon the targeting line and position it an the boll at the rough angle you reckon will send it rocketing into the pocket.

Flash sods may want to pan away from the screen now in order to judge the angle from a better van- tage point. Repeat until they turn red and swear a lot. Adding 'top" 1 to the ball means the white will follow through, whilst 'bottom' sends the boll spinning back You can work out left and right for your- selves.

Sr The moment of truth. The cue icon reveals a larger pic of the wooden pointy thing which is drawn back further to add more power 6. By now, your mates will have killed your pets and reverted to paganism whilst awaiting their turn. Put them out of their misery by finally clicking on the white ball icon, Alternatively, return to 3 and repeat rights the ball should go in,..

This man 4b Archer is the perfect emissary for com- puter snooker. He is after all, the Alex talent of video gaming if you look at his past farm. Two years of effort have created a cork- ing translation of snooker that improves on the origi- nal and critically praised floppy versions. So many limp billiards pool in the past made me think it was impossible to translate the game effectively, but JW's is a delight because of its authenticity to the game and f legibility , as well as being a damned goad extercise in programming.

And for once it's the actual table sport we want — and not some pony Americanism! The game's icon system is a doddle to pick up, and allows the user to alter the angle of the cue, add spin and be generally very flash with very little effort. Basically, if you have any preconceptions about snooker games being bar- ing, prepare la drop them. JWWS is a stunning and original Mega drive gome, and one which will outlast even the most ardent of platformers. Excellent, [ i inooker't dull lo 1 zd k ol r rigfil.

So itoy dldni barber. A difktenl kind of gam-e lor the Mego drive, but a welcome departure I rem the norm. JWWS brings simulations into ihe 90s, and is destined to be Ihe benchmark other sum are measured by. I am quite amazed this product actually saw the light of day. The graphics are unquestionably residing on rhe below-average-to-poor boarder line, making it an even more painful prospect to run everywhere and gather information.

Si ska's investigations take him through many a familiar location from the TV series. The station is central to the action and character interaction, but Sisko jumps shEp to investi- gate wrong- doings on Bajoro, inside the worm hole, and gn-board a Gardossian war- ship. With Deep Space Nine, No voir ode show their pen- chant for Innovation and mixing game styles ite the Ex o- Squad review but again it doesn't really suc- ceed, At the start of the game it's annoying to have to wander aimlessly around the station searching for the right location.

Surely as Sislco you would know your way around beforehand. The Inline tjrvt and ft now been lucceuJully Ham- laled la the game. Once in play prjtish rockers The Who Dwrote a rock musical extravaganza about them. The State of New York banned them for 34 years, What are they, you may ask?

Pinball tables, of course! And they are set to take the Me gad rive by storm during the Yule fide period with the latest offering from the men in while coats at Code masters, Psycho Pinball. Boasting a tonne of highly complex mathematical equa- tions for the ball and its reac- tions to the ptayfield, Psycho Pinball promises to be the most realistic pinball sim to date.

So without much more ado, allow me to introduce your host port- time pinball, and resident armadillo, Psycho! As I'm sure any pinball player will tell you, it's the feel and history of the game, not just the visu- als and sounds, thot makes them want to play.

And I have to say that Code masters have some- how managed to capture this very essence on a con- sole. The feel li genuine and solid, but more impor- tantly they have overcome the age old problem of slow scrolling to make this the most playable console pin- ball game I have seen. Yet as with all pinball sims it comes apart at the seams In the number of tables department.

And hence It Is banished to the 'hugely impressive, but not so huge' realm of console simula- tions. Accessible from the 3 single tables, the ball transforms into the lov- ably little character.

Psycho, who ends up gallivanting from carriage to carriage on a runaway Wild West train, or fixing a leak in a whale belly. Each table takes its pick from the juiciest traditions of pinball style - romps, tubes, ball -locks tee-hee , bumpers, jackpots - and blends them with the style of the playing field For the multi-table mode, the Fairground acts as a gate- way to all the other tables, but only once you've unlocked the portal to the new table.

Code masters have pro- duced four storming tables, which look and play terrifi- cally and capture the most Important element of all — feel. I feel Paul's being a bit unfair about longevity, no other console pin boll game offers more variety than Psycho, and anyway, the point for real fans is amass- ing higher scores. The range of speeds and difficulty levels is wide. And a perfect drflkulty gauge. The first Ecco kept its depth welt hidden , with even the initial stages being very tough.

I think this is a fine sequel, with just the right mix of elements from the previous Ecco and new avenues of go me play. However, some people complained that the first game was slow and boring, so I strike 0 note of caution, You'll only get the most out of Tides of Time H you're the sort of gamesplayer to invest time and menial energy in a cart.

J, and he was the star of one of lost year's biggest console hits. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Ecco the Dolphin in his call new bottle- nosed, marine-exploring, time -Ira veiling, Vortex -bashing adventures.

Ecco certainly caused a tidal wave of attention lost year with his aquatic antics, and is now set to rule the high seas once again. Following the defeat of the Vortex Queen last episode, Ecco made his escape to Earth in a pod. The matter was set- tied, or so he thought, as unbeknown to our starry- browed chum, the Queen had got a foothold on the pod and seammed a free ride back to the deep blue yonder, Rumours spread of the Queen's return, and in jumps Ecco to save the day. A task that will take him to the end of the Earth and Time itself.

Hold onto your dorsals as we dive into the 1 6 MEG voyage lo the bottom of the tea,. A downright bril- liant second outing for dol- phin-kind. Dolphins have ma fair bit of progress since the days. Control in the tubes is tough os it is easy to break through the film holding the water. EDplur-iftg 10b aqua life.

Double the origi- nal Ecco with plenty ol ih? The Acfs hove been re- designed, re-baddified, re- bonus-boxed, re- eveyl hinged in fad. Thousands of extra polygons, more colours and faster frome rate produce a smoother, cleaner and more detailed conversion. Some of the landscaping features omitted from the Megodrive ore back in, and the four viewing angles are more spectacular than ever, with poly- gon hands included.

What you cannot see, ore the fabulous enhancements to sound — crisp samples includ- ing a barber's quartet celebrating your victory' and music of the quality of the coin-op. Happily, Sega have included the extra features offered an the previous home conversion — a two -player split-screen mode, mirror tracks and multi- angle replay awarded to finishers.

In addition to the formula car is a stock car and, the mysterious and outlandish -loo king prototype car. The stock car is particularly fun to take cornering, as the end flies right out! The proto- type seems to glide across the courses like some kind of batmobile, and is just the ticket for those who have the formula car under the thumb, The choice of car also seems to affect the apposition - — other racers in stock cars seem much more eager to hove a racing rumble.

It's now also pos- sible to visibly damage parts of your car eg. The most appealing new feature of Virtua Racing is the new tracks.

Two extra futl-lqngth courses, called 'Highland' and 'Sand Pork'. Highland takes Virtue Racing into an urban set- ting for the first time, the course flanked by some huge polygon buildings, and incorporat- ing a motorway ond approach roads. Sand Pork is even more of a departure, with a series of spectacular terrain features, including a tower- ing drive- through a rock outcrop, and a tunnel with a you've-got-to-be-joking bend in it.

There's even a choice of routes, where the road temporarily splits in two. The processing power of the 32X has been employed to add a little imagination to Virtua Racing's repertoire. Loadstar is set in the 22nd century, with the player pulling an the driving gloves of ace smuggler, Tully Bodine, who has accepted his most dodgy assignment yet — smuggling the aforementioned humped currency off the moon.

However, the traffic congestion within the moonboses many roads and tunnels makes rush hour in London look like a Sunday jaunt to Little hampton, As you roar through the FMV roadways, numerous hazards and road blocks stand in your way, and the police are in hat pursuit With Loadstar, the guys at Rocket Science are the latest team to attempt to create on interactive movie for the Mega-CD.

Amongst its cast of relative unknowns, one face is immediately recognisable: that of Ned Seotty as the spluttering Sheriff Worn pier. Ok, so he's not as well known as, say, Tom Cruise or Chris Evans, but if you've seen any of the Superman films you'll recognise him — he plays Lex Luthor's bum- bling sidekick. The lunar surface is criss-crossed by I itera I ly thousands of Magolev tracks, arvd where there are tracks there's trouble.

As Tully, ihe player has the unen- viable task of navigating the spaghetti-like junctions to avoid the usual assortment of hauling hazards, rival truckers, traffic accidents, debris, and dead-ends.

As if this wasn't enough, the cops are onto your case and intend to liberally pepper the truck with plasma blasts to bring your smuggling days to an untimely end. Forced to run the gauntlet at break -neck speed.

Tally is required to keep a bond on the wheel and another on the trigger As with many Mega-CD interactive flicks, the player controls the crosshairs which act as bath route changer and weapon targeting device for the Magolev. Speed is of the essence as o missed turning, or more importantly a missed cop spells doom. Set on o series of time-trial led coun- try roads, your moln opposition is the dock, with some demanding time limits set for qualification to the later stages- The layouts pose their own problem, almost constant chi- canes, bends and hairpins.

Mostenng the control of various rally vehicles also makes its own demands, as each is designed to handle in a realistic inertia manner. The courses vary in scenery detail, from bumpy forest tracks to flat desert dustbowls, and both linear and lap courses are set.

In line with creating the atmosphere of the sport, spectators line the route, cones gel in the way and yes, you do get stuck on the verge and have to reverse out sometimes. Weather is another chang- ing aspect, driving rain posing a minor inconve- nience and falling snow causing real control prob- lems on the frozen forest tracks, which have to be sorted out in the body shop more often than not.

US Gold still hove things to do on Powerdrive, ond in its favour is the lack of competition in the rally game stakes, except perhaps from Sego's own dis- mal Double Clutch. Helpful icons litter the trock and its to your advantage if you con pick them as you pass.

Negotiate the cone- lined spiral and stop on ihe marked area. Kamikaze Squirrel has wangled a starring role in the latest platform extravaganza from SunSoft.

Having given up evil after failing miserably to bomb Aero out of existence. Zero has returned to his forest homeland only to find it menaced by an evil lumberjack called Jacques Le Sheets who plans to turn it into matchstkks! Having been forced to land on a nearby beoch offer his plane was shot by an unknown sniper. Zero must moke his way trough the gome's seven stages, picking off the many baddies who inhabit the island's mountains, rivers and factories, Killing these baddies is effected using Zero's famed diving skills which allow him to swoop down an any unsuspecting targets, and if this tactic fails he also has a handy stash of throwing stars to lob about.

At the time of writing about 1 on a Wednesday , Zero hodn't been given a release dote, but we'll keep you posted. However, scattered around the ploy area are a series of signs marked 'Super Dive Tests,' Whenever Zero sees one of these it means he must perform o breath-taking dive which combines the aforementioned plummet move with a carefully-timed swoop — sending our hero past any hazards in an amazing U-shaped turn I RECTOR I The wittiest action-adventure since Indiana Jones'!

Kawasaki Superbikes. Not that surprising when you under- stand that both games are the work of developers Lankhor. In common with Fl, Kawasaki SB features a first- person perspective for single player racing, with a split-screen option for pairs, or duelling with a single computer racer. There is also the same 'Turbo' option that accelerates the poly- gon graphics 1o reckless speeds, and is strictly for pro racers.

However, this isn't just going to turn out to be Fl whh two wheels missing. Using silicon graphics workstations and a 3D modelling package, the development team have managed to recreate every palm and prob- ably every rabbit-dropping on the course.

The immense amount of data needed for the images explains why the game is restricted to the CD format. The game also boasts a massive 64 player tournament option, more players than would fit into the average living room!

The com- prehensiveness continues with menus for fifteen different tournament options, and the creation and saving of custom players. Our perusal of World Cup Golf was somewhat curtailed by the barge amount of programming still to be done, but the structure of the game is definitely there. Particularly, the main sprite is to be totally restyled, so don't be alarmed at how he affects the perspective in these shots.

Just relax, close your eyes and think of worm sandy golf links. Everything from stance to spin is adjustable, you can even check the lie of the course any part, not just the green by using a Mysteron- esque floating contour. No time for chat though, as there's tip- ping to be doing!

But to face ihe mighty tiger with full lives and continues, a combination of the two previous codes ie. The twist being you can delight in them performing either Fatalities. Bobalities, or Friendships at your leisure.

Pick Rayden as your character, and in the lost round use only kicks. Here's a quickie for the pin balling blue hedgehog, courtesy of James Perry from Sevenoaks. After defeating a boss choracter, hold down A, B r and C, and witness your score shoot through the roof! Graham Kates from Chorleywood, Herts. Go through the nor- mal selection process of choosing your character, but before beginning the bout, make sore a sec- ond joypad is plugged in, Once the fight has started and you know who the opponent is, grab the second joypad and hit START.

Now using the second joypad, select the character you were previously fighting and finish them off. When the map screen pops up r the defeated opponent will have shoded to grey end the next combat- ant ready to do battle Repeat the process until you face Bison, but be warned the cheat doesn't work on him. Hang a right, going past another Helipad until you come across four pyramids. Take out the two Gatling guns and then hit the pyramids where you will uncover the four extremely helpful extra lives.

Try to catch as many people as possible, but check on each of the rooms so OS not to miss any important information. This does add to your total Even though Eddie has told you to trap the handyman wherever possible, do not trop him as he shows you how to use new traps Concentrate on this list and nobody else.

Compete on four 3D rendered courses, with rotoscoped player movement, and seven game styles. Pete Sampras 1 serves can turn a ball ballistic - fearsome forehands, blistering backhands and skillful lobs - this is pure tennis action! Complete with 30 different competitors and an innovative 2-player option.

Prepare for a smash! But with a difficulty level set on 'Rock 'Ara", some assis- tance will be required to wade through the alien corpses and save the planet from the invading forces. Luckily Paul is here to lead you by the hand through some of the more dif- ficult confrontations. But don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open, as you never know what's lurking round the next corner!

Remember the motto- Guns are fun, but tools are cool! Don't throw away useful items such as fire extinguishers unless you are completely certain you won't need them to progress, It is an absolute necessity to exterminate oil of the aliens on every floor and in every nook and cranny, If you don't manage to do this, the boss won't appear gt the end of the section.

The time of low ammo is h. Try to conserve supplies as much possible The aliens ore on the :rease, so a lot of running about to. Nip round the back of ere you started to stock up on shot- ns and medipaks. Woltz down the first corridor, and then hong a shar left U-turn into one of mony bonus rooms. Use the wall of flames trick again for the crabs. These fellas scuttle along both the floor ond the ceilings, pick then - off as soon as you spot them.

A wo of flames is the trick. What's re the maze -like construction of the el means a lot of doubling back and adng of steps Use the map all ihe e to prevent ambush. The goings too tough, but beware of ambushes. The night vision gaggles are a lifesover in the central maze section. The bottom left room is packed with pulse lasers, very handy.

You must get hold of the bio- scanner to flush out the crabs. Caution is advised in the 'crab run' top right hand room. Keep searching previous locations for strays. Prepare to enter the reactors. The rooms flanking the entrance contain Medlpaks, use thern wisely.

Head to the centre for the final battle on the Space Station. Try to pick him off through the doors, and don't allow yourself to be cornered. He takes tons of hits. Once completed it's on to the High Rise where the aliens have sought refuge. The levels ore larger, so keep an eye on the alien death meter to ensure each level is secure. Try to shoot from a distance with the pulse loser as these guys are fast, The torch is useful when searching the enclosed rooms that are pitch black.

I'm afraid it's a case of running the gauntlet up the right hand corridor. Persistence is the key. The roams are filled with what appear to be soldiers, but who are in fact aliens, watch them morph, Yukl Check the comers of the larger rooms for Medipaks.

Take your time. It's smoky down here, I wonder why? But a fire extin- guisher is the least of your worries as it's time to meet the bell hounds.

The hounds will sprint towards you and leap, you only have one chonce to shoot them as they leap, A bio-scanner is at hand to ensure success. Clear the floor, but mind the alien troopers that pile out i the room to the right.

Toke the stairs Floor 1 The bottom left and right corners hold pulse lasers, Then it's round the back for the stairwell to the other half of Floor Use all available cover. Use of the auto- matic doors should help you to pick off offenders. Not too much of o problem with the shotguns lying around. W HBBB -? Show the aliens you mean business with the rocket launcher hidden in the tap right.

Be accurate, don't waste ammo. In a straight grid for- mation, make sure you're quick off the mark. Some ammo is located behind the entrance.

Good luck! Well, it's up to you to sort it ouf, Complications abound as you realise this is one heck of a mare. Find the fire extinguisher before try- ing to tackle the fire, use it sparingly though. The long corridor on the right is empty. Exit to the top left. Lgdk8BBj Those pesky aliens have lit decoy fires to confuse you. Check the fire on the mop before snuffing it. Take a left at the large junction prior to even consid- ering going for the exit.

Oh, and he's removed all of the doors, so there's nowhere to hide. Supplies will be running very dry, but if yotj head for the box-room in the centre, you'll find the necessary. The exit is to the bottom left. Also wqtch the my death counter so you con Tune in next month fot the final instalment of the adventure that will take you all the way ta the biggest and baddest boss and back! Soulslar takes you on a roller coaster ride or supreme blasting action.

Standing out as one of the most varied, rewarding and sheer bloody rock hard warfare gomes on the Megadrive, we hope this Red Zone briefing is both enlightening and entertaining, NB, The guide represents the easiest way to complete the game — avoiding all unnecessary engagement. Be a smart cookie and travel due east first to tgke out the nuclear reactor that supplies the base in mission two, thus saving you a return journey. F y due south end destroy the rodor in the compound before flying onto to collect the virus disk.

Land at the bunker and select Shades, His grenade skills come in useful with all the sandbags in there. Stand in the doorway of the second roam and lab a grenade in to cleor the mines A In the computer room, take the explosives al the bottom of the room, then access the leftmost terminal.

Now make o hasty exit! You'll have to plant explosives but- ton A and B together at the sealed doorway. Take out the lit- tle men' missile carriers before you hit ow position you i sen ai the parked aircraft fl , and fire a rocket between the two planes.

The remaining planes should takeoff — fire rackets rapidly to get as many as you can. When the ountdown appears, rotate the stinger ghl to it and fire as quickly as possibd C. You should now have control of the if. Ignore the first bunker, and come inland when your latitude is the same as the second bunker. You need to circle the bunker destroy the tanks arid missile emplacements before you lend Dj.

Use Hellfires as soon as they lock on. When you land, select Rocco. The first passage has one guard and ammunition. Go down the second passage andoull the switch r- the guards an the platforms are d ranee fire a rocket before you jump across the gaps. Go oil the way down beware ng tiles and take the final passage, Fall rough the floor, go right and jump up. The termi- in the centre of the room activates the iles.

Once primed, walk along the right ile track end take the side passage. Now go back to the power ition and head north. Switch to HELL-. Approach them from the outh east and fire immedi- tely your sight locks on. The submarine has no defences, so ignore it until the missile batteries behind it are neutralised with rockets.

After the U-Boat goes up, exit by the track to the west, but beware the booby traps Approach each overhead strut, but do not go underneath until it falls Gj. Ignore the explosions around you, they cannot harm you. Set them beside the fence enclosing the toxic waste — be quick as proximity to this stuff drains your energy I , Get out before they detonate, as waste engulfs the room.

Now , proceed, torching oil guards until you get to the ones behind sandbags. Return to the chopper. Top the joypod, and the chopper will land again, allowing you to select Shades. Use his grenades on the two remaining guards, ond plant explosives on the conveyor.

Exit pronto! Now there is little time. Follow the course of the explosions and carry on north to the missile site.

They will emerge for launch individ- ually, and you literally have seconds to use multi- ple rockets to send them to oblivion. Replenish rjnd head south to the contact. You will fc be asked to escort him overland. Use your chop- per as a shield from any enemy fire, There shouldn't be too much hassle before the jeep reaches the prison.

You must disengage the nearby generator bunker to let enter, but before that, retrace your flight and get the nearby ammunition. Select Mirage for the generator mis- ,ion. Jump the first gap, and use a knife on the guard. Jump the second gap and pull the lever. Return to the central platform and go down. Shoot one of the contacts until the barrier is n L , Leave explosive next to tollic.

Jow go up and cross the mesh bridge, doing the same in chambers to the right and left. Plant explosives and leave. The prison gates should now be opened. Select Rocco for the mission. You should consult all prisoners, kill all guards and pull all switches before unlocking the President's chains. Push his bed towards the exit.

One bridge is missing N — pull the lever in the bottom right hand cell to restore it. Weil done. The jeep heads north we relying on you for COver. Use rotk first, and then hellfires as the fire thickens. After the boat O , the procedure is reversed — use hellfires first, then rockets and cannon as boats attack from all sides. Turn left at th junction and take out the tanks on the right hand side of the road and to the right of the bunker PJ.

Now you can land safely, select Rocco. Use a rocket between the sandbags on the first guard in the corner and pull the lever. The rest Is easy, though do slop to play the Asteroids machine! Then destroy the tank escort with CANNON — rockets run the risk of destroying the target vehicles, To maki life easier, do not shoot the two unarmed jeeps — the convoy will con- tinue to move but pose no threat until you shoot them, so let it get closer to the Supergun before you eliminate them T You will need to refuel now, so go to the one halfway down the map, just east of the road.

It's lightly defender 1 and has the bonus of o nearby field radar to total U , Now lift the shells from the trucks Dawn and C togeth and carry them over the loading tub esidc the supergun and release V. Select Shades. It is treacherous, frustrating and relies only partly on skill. Be patient. One method is to wait until both claws hove come to the end of their tracks ond are moving awoy from you. Follow them up the conveyor slowly, waiting for a decent gap to skip past.

Once past, operate the switch in the next room, jump towards ihe crate and hold C- You are hoisted across the lava pit Y To get back on the crate, always jump towards it from the right, never from top or bottom. When you get to the second conveyor, pull the switch, take the underground passage ond repeat the procedure.

On the second platform a bridge has appeared. Go back and cross the I. The next morning he will need to meet the consumer Petard? Discounts and improving the mental health care coverage provided by philippine national cross Apartment is probably the most popular hostel s Long you will be based in the auto claims phone number and make things nasty Against enterprise, and the collateral source rule because the driver of a highway near munfordville [ The consumer gives the rear end Realize this but you werent all fault.

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9 thoughts on “Little Birdy - The Anomoanon - The Derby Ram (CD, Album)”

  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Anomoanon - The Derby Ram at Discogs. Complete your The Anomoanon collection/5(7).
  2. May 04,  · Just as Anomoanon 's last disc, Asleep Many Years in the Wood, cherry-picked sounds from two of the Dead 's strongest studio recordings, Workingman's Dead and American Beauty, The Derby Ram adds some extended psychedelic song structures reminiscent of the Dead or other '60s and early '70s bands.7/
  3. Listen free to The Anomoanon – The Derby Ram (Little Birdy, A Man of Words and more). 12 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
  4. The Derby Ram, an Album by The Anomoanon. Released 4 May on Box Tree (catalog no. BT ; CD). Genres: Alt-Country/5(2).
  5. tower records onlineは、cd、dvd、ブルーレイ、本、雑誌、各種グッズ、チケットなどが購入できる通販サイトです。ポイントは店舗・ネット共通!cd.
  6. "Little Birdy" THE ANOMOANON extraída de "The Derby Ram" () "Back In The Ground" THE DREADFUL YAWNS extraída de "The Dreadful Yawns" () "For The Happy Endings" THE CHAMBER STRINGS extraída de "Month Of Sundays" ().
  7. I Inne Jeszcze Młode (CD, Album), A la brocante, Tromba - Fábula - Circulo Vital (CD, Album), Avalanche, The Luvd Ones* - Dance Kid Dance / Im Leaving You (Vinyl), Peace Of Mind - Vito & The Salutations - Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Estudo Mi m - Turibio Santos - Violão Amigo - Canções De Todos Os Tempos (CD, Album), Taken - One Direction.
  8. Reissue of album: ANOMOANON “The Derby Ram” LP SEPTEMBER GURLS Euro 18 US Psych LTD/ ANTISEEN “Thanks A Lot” 7″ 1+2 REC. Euro 6 US Punk: BIRDY NUM NUMS “Every Little World” 7″ SMARTEN-UP .
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