Hayras - Sombre Destin (CD, Album)

Himinbjorg - Where Ravens Fly As if the elders are telling us of past wars, imagine yourself consumed in a battlefield of bombastic, crushing and barbaric Black Metal toppled with acoustic solstice celebrations, and runic whispers carried through forest's wind.

Although the music created by this congregation is raw, powerful and filthy HOATH do not preach about mutilating Jesus to pieces. The lyrics are all principles of their beliefs, exerpts of the esoteric wisdom they engulf.

Raw and aggressive yet thought provoking and meticulous. Waves of memorable dark atmosphere, vicious brutal vocals, artillery blast drumming and sophisticated guitar solos.

Killer production that illuminates the technicality of their music while maintaining an underground, violent and sinister atmosphere. Homselvareg - Homselvareg Cleverly-constructed, darkly epic Black Metal that can bring to mind early Satyricon or Enslaved. A solid release definitely worth picking up.

Clean vocals, glory and a pagan atmosphere in honor to old Nordic gods!!!!! Hordagaard - Djeveldyrkar Excellent Norwegian Black metal drawing great influence from the earlier works of Darkthrone.

If you are looking for frosty Norwegian supremacy, you need not look further. Death Metal songs with 4 bonus tracks to top it off!! Pure Brutality from start to finish with amazing artwork done by Jon Zig! Expect a whole new Horde Casket! Witness the new Swedish revolution!

The first album from this U. Both a treasure trove and a complete entity unto itself, Musta Kaippu displays the signature sound that has thrust Horna to the forefront of the modern Black Metal scene. Fierce guitars, blasting drums, and ferocious vocals create an atmosphere that many strive for, but few achieve. This should absolutely appeal to fans of Marduk, Dawn, Setherial and bands of that ilk.

An explosion of emotions. The album is so melodic, its objective is not to scratch or show aggression but to give a simple intensity with the right tools and a powerful alchemy of songwriting. After a promising demo tape in , "The Serpents Lust" mini-album is now unleashed featuring epic Black Metal in the spirit of the ancient cults Hyadningar - The Weak Creation The Weak Creation is the band's second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick epic, yet raw and chaotic.

Complex and unique song structures lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists , powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Funeralium that consist on black metal screams, low grunts and bestial moaning cries Hymen of Darkness - Unholy Total Hate Fuck You All!

Their music ranges from Black Metal with progressive elements to thrashy Death. Ranging from melancholy to fury, this is an interesting listen. Features a member of Trist. This is Black Metal. Limited to Ifrinn - Ifrinn Digipak Originating in Scotland, this is apparently the bands first "demo" and it's been released by the mighty Iron Bonehead. Demo is in quotes because it sounds like anything but a demo.

This is a really cool first step into the Death Metal ring for a band that I sincerely hope stays its course. To use some buzzwords, I find the material to be a spiraling maelstrom of unlimited expanse while, somehow, closing in on you to the point of near claustrophobia. I'm a fan. Definitely a project to keep an eye on. Dissonant and atmospheric Black Metal that really manages to crawl under your skin like none other.

Ultra quality stuff! Sounds weird but it's brutal as hell! Cover songs of Bombarder and Debustrol legends! Pure Black Metal art! Awesome stuff for true Metal warriors! Pure uninfected underground spirit, respect! A must for all true freaks of Doom art! For true fans only! Brutal and raw as fuck! True Black Metal heritage! For sick souls! Killer Black Metal art! Amazing brutal Black Metal for all true believers!

First release after seven years of silence. Strong 90's Black Metal creation! In deluxe slipcase package! Brutal and raw as Hell! True feeling! Brutal stuff! Real tribute to old Bathory, Graveland golds! Very deep and quality dark art! Kult Hirax Thrash bombing! For radical maniacs only!

A way different then nowadays trendy craps coming from this country.. Death Metal Darkness! Pack with special sticker gift! Pioneers of traditional Death Metal! Dark, raw and obscure! For true worshipers of Black Fucking Metal! Very rare Kataxu demo! Very good refreshment on nowadays scene! Oldway, sick and disturbing! Slayer of Lost Martyrs.. Good stuff! Hermetic and dark as hell. No escape, just merciless Speed killing! GER " Cold and dark as Hell!

Raw and primitive, dark and down-tempo! Fist in the head! Battlegod release! Strong and creative Black Metal art! True Thrash Metal, wicked Malaysian way! Old nekro grimness! Great and unique! Fucking awesome! Amazing grim DM massacre! Killer stuff from cold Russian landscapes! Black Metal religion. A masterpiece of Gore! That's it! Brutal Swedish way! Just great! Brutal stuff!!

Strong Slavic Pagan hymns, page booklet. Doomy Japanese style! Hail Grind! Death, Black, Nekro Metal gathering! Brutal technical way!

I" - Grim depressive Black Metal with sick dark atmosphere! Real deal! We agree! High quality brutal art! Killer oldway! Pounding , fisting and evil underground way! Primitive and depraved with raw coffin sound FIN 10,-. Debut album. SER 10,-. NOR 12,-. Its Cancer Power Electronics, Noise, lim. Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two!

Seizing you to your knees, forcing to gaze to the veiled bottomless depths First part in the series of experiencing the concealed underwater mysteries, manifested through experimental Black Metal. Limited to copies due to bands request. Also includes the original artwork that was not included on the first edition. Painting done by Midgaars Of Lugubrum, the best Krieg album ever!

NSBM Classic! Guitar, pedals and metal objects used with "Reign In Blood" style efficiency. A must release from the master of noise! SWE 12,-. EST 12,-. BEL 10,-. UK 10,-. Dutch black metal NED 10,-. This is their 10th album for 20 years of existence. UKR 10,-. CZ 12,-. COL 12,-. Satan, massacre, desecration! This is old record which was originally released only on tape.

Pro pressed CD with new artwork, remastered songs and 12 pages colored booklet. LIT 10,-. Reissue of an extremely rare cassette from JAP 10,-. ITA 8,-. No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection cant be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece! FRA 12,-. The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks SWE 12,-. The 7th album GRE 11,-. Originally released in on demo tape, now it is re-released on CD format.

Occult, Satanic Black Metal! I nice digibook version by Coffin Records! FRA 15,-. Njiiijn Digipack CD psychadelic black metal art, folk, ambient, doom and shoegaze music, excellent release! RUS 10,-. Also there is a unreleased track from the Pest ep session and a live song from the legendary gig back in with lunar aurora, nagelfar and mightiest.

Excellent german black metal from ! Limited to Compilation of rare EPs, re-recorded tracks and a new song! Transcending Mundane Obstacles isnt a recording which offers an easy walkthrough. MEX 10,-. UK 11,-. Originally issued as a vinyl bootleg in in an edition of copies. Completely remastered and expanded. Psychic TV at their most Industrial. This is for fans of old death metal and early 90s Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia. Thergothon, early Skepticism, Disembowelment, Symphony of Grief, and Winter stripped to its barest elements.

Gelso USA 12,-. Edition of GRE 9,-. Perfect production, sinister riffs, blasting drums and varied vocals, a solid release, recommended! FIN 14,-. A 44 minute long masterpiece of epic mind warping experimental composition. A piece of French Black Metal history! Second album of Greeks. Obscure, majestic and abyssic occult Black Metal influenced by the classics of Hellenic scene.

Tape professionally released, limited to 88 copies. Total Nuclear Fukking Annihilation!!! Bonus instrumental track. Pure Death Metal. Split-cassette of two bands from Chile and Poland. Pure Fukking Death Metal.

Nykta. Greece. For our complete catalog with more than a thousand underground titles, visit the link below.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Sombre Destin on Discogs. Label: Nykta - Nykta • Format: CD Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal Hayras - Sombre Destin (, CD) | Discogs/5(9).
  2. HAYRAS – Sombre Destin CD (Nykta ) Hayras was the spirit of Rost, well known from his contribution in numerous French acts like Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland and others "Sombre Destin" brings Black Metal back to with the style of an expert.
  3. Sombre destin Hayras. Type: Full-length Release date: June 12th, Catalog ID: Nykta Label: Nykta Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; Additional notes; 1. Holocauste There are no reviews for Sombre destin yet. You can write one. Recording information.
  4. Hayras: Sombre Destin ‎ (CD, Album) Nykta: Nykta Europe: Sell This Version: Nykta Prevalent Resistance: To Live Again And Dominate.
  5. Mar 11,  · CD & Digital Album available here: Hayras - Sombre Destin (Full Album) - Duration: Black Metal Promotion 2, views. Vargsang - In the Mist of Night (Full Album) - .
  6. Hayras - Sombre Destin Korpiklaani - Voice of wilderness CRADLE OF FILTH - Cruelty and the beast (일본반 obi 없음) c급 Otyg - Sagovindars boning Hollenthon - With Vilest of Worms to Dwell This Empty Flow - Nowafter Sadness - Danteferno ALCEST - Le Secret (MCD) (Digi)
  7. Hayras-Sombre Destin. Firth of Damnation-Carpe Noctum. StormFrost-Detaching from Humans. Ur Falc'h-Sur le chemin de la noirceur. Desaster-angel whore. Sykdom-Mjollnir. mayhem-Mediolanum Capta Est. Midwynter-Four Seasons of Frost. Palguenaaa-Dreams. mortiuus caelum-maeto interilym mundi. Blakagir-Nostalgia. Svartnatt-Vargold har kommit. Dommant.
  8. HAYRAS (Fra) "Sombre Destin" [Nykta production] - Raw French Black Metal. HEGEMOON (Pol) "Tron Zla" [Eastside] - Pagan Black Metal. HEGEMOON (Pol) "Szaty klamstw" [Werewolf Promotion/Moon Records/Acclaim Records] - Raw, fast Pagan Black Metal from Poland. New album, 45 minutes with 8-pages booklet, limited to

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