Duppyman Skank (Remix)

Or Jah-loween as I call it. Plenty of Reggae songs dealing with the Undead. Tapping into the superstitious nature of many Reggae artists. In between, I stitched in a whole heap of Halloween movies trailers: Wolfman, Frankenstein and Young Franenstein, Nosferatu and many more. I love this time of year. Winter and bad air inversions — done.

Taxes and Spring Radiothon — done and done. Took last Saturday off on a cratedigging assignment. So does Reggae singer John Holt. Alien roots of Santa Claus; 65 sec. Nicholas to Western Christians A flying sled to ancient peoples in modern day Turkey where Saint Nicholas came from is obviously a spaceship. More believable than 12 reindeer pulling a fat white dude full of gifts across the skies 3.

Tracking beacon on the nose cone of the Spaceship 4. Tunisian roots dawta. Mayo Clinic. Top Videos See All.

Flashing Lights feat. Heater feat. General Levy Let You Go feat. Mali [Explicit Version] Program feat. IRah And as I said on Smile Jamaica last week. If you are regular listener to Smile Jamaica , you are well acquainted with my recent fascination with Ancient Aliens.

The television series on the History Channel goes into the notion that antiquity and all of its massive structures were effected by visiting Aliens we mistook as Sky Gods. How did they carve out massive stone structures like the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon base slab is tons of a single cut stone?

Or Puma Punku in Bolivia? Who needs mortar? Lifting that weight with cranes or multiple cranes? Ancient Astronauts achieved these stupendous feats by using sound to move those stones into place.

It is why the most effective prayer must be recited out loud: in cathedrals, temples, tabernacles and mosques. It is the sound of prayer that produces powerful energy.

I play a song in the second half of this podcast edition called God is Great. The power of Muslim prayer, thousands in synchronicity reciting prayers heard by God. Allahu Akbar — God is Great. I want to think The Watchers plugged in big stacks of speakers and pumped heavy bass to lift those hundreds of thousands of pounds into place.

Imagine a Nubian ancestor of Jah Shaka plugging in and firing off dub shots while the Ancient Astronauts looked on in approval as sound equates energy. Greetings, As Judy Mowatt sang: Many are called but few are chosen. My new boss. I will be the Minister of Lunar Agriculture; sec. Flying Saucer. Roswell UFO 71st Anniversary; 24 sec. But I have inside info…. This one deals with a kid who witnesses the Martian invasion and can't get the adults to believe him due to the fact that most of the rationale adults in the town have already been brainwashed by the evil men from the Red Planet In , Eddy Grant, of incorrectly filed in the reggae bins at the record store and "Electric Avenue" fame, along with UK producer and sound system operator Lambert Briscoe, founded Torpedo Records in an effort to highlight and showcase British-made reggae.

The Hot Rod All-Stars were one of those bands Though I couldn't uncover who was actually in the band I was definitely able to ascertain that the Hot Rod All-Stars were prolific in the early months of Torpedo To be honest, the band went kinda nuts in releasing 17 singles on 4 different labels; Torpedo, Duke Records, Trojan and their own Hot Rod imprint.

I had been looking for the "Ten Commandments From The Devil" single on Torpedo for a couple years now but this album satisfied that urge well enough. The Chiller Carnival of Blood was a four picture film festival which as far as I can ascertain was probably played at drive-in movie theaters in the early s. All four pictures played had something in common I envy the marketing genius who thought of putting this together!

I'm going to do something different - I'll give you a little background about the four individual films and in italics I'll give you a commentary about what it would be like to watch this fantastic quartet of films at a luxurious drive-in theater. If you've ever been to a drive-in I think you'll understand the scenario I'm setting here Let's begin now!

The first of the films is Blood Demon from featuring Christopher Lee as Count Regula a man who is drawn and quartered for killing twelve virgins in his torture chamber. Thirty-five years later, he come back to life to seek revenge on the daughter of his intended thirteenth victim and the son of his prosecutor in order to achieve eternal life. The feigned interest in the film is starting to give way to more important tasks like steaming up the windows.

A man travels to an island where an insane doctor is creating zombies. Blood and guts ensue but the thing that most fans find endearing is Ms. Pettyjohn's zeal for removing her clothes. After the credits roll on Blood Doctor, I'm not going to get too graphic here but the make-out session has given way to snuggling. You probably feign an urgent need to run to the bathroom just to leave the confines of the car long enough to catch your breath and get back to the Buick-brand sauna waiting for you just as the opening credits roll Blood Fiend from is the third in this ghoulish cacophony of blood and guts.

The story goes like this There's this theater in Paris that specializes in acts of the macabre, a police coroner gets infatuated with one of the performers in said shows and soon after bodies start showing up all over the place drained of their blood. Christopher Lee makes another appearance in yet another Oscar nominated film as the evil Philippe Darvas; the guy who runs the joint and is subsequently killed right after the cops think they've got their man.

Vampirism and necrophilia ensue You promise that you only want to stay for part of the last movie and that you'll get going in a little while. The temperature in the car has gotten comfortable again and you don't want to get out of the car again You start to see the sky getting lighter as early morning works its way toward dawn as Blood Brides flickers on the big screen.

Blood Brides from , is the final film of the morning. Again you're back on a tropical island with a group of natives battling with man-eating animals and plants caused my nuclear radioactivity.

Virgin sacrifice and scary jungle creatures run amok When this film ends you're both sound asleep, the headlights from another car awaken you Instead of doing this again you decide to go bowling the next weekend. I kinda went off there Steven Stanley went on to record with the 80s new wave group Tom Tom Club, co producing their debut album in Annie Palmer was named the White Witch Of Rose Hall due to the fact that she was purported to have practiced voodoo and tortured and killed many people including three of her husbands and a long line of male slaves who she used for sexual purposes and quickly offed when there was fear she would be discovered.

The tune you're going to hear, "Annie Palmer" was featured in last years Spooktacular but not in the same form. Last years song was a ska version Gloucester "Danny" Hill cut in for producer Neville Foo Loy, this one is a mento version recorded years later and featured on an LP called Rose Hall Calypso from the 70s. Not technically calypso but close enough!

We are going to get into the hell I had to go through to get this song for this years mix! The song you're about to hear is the missing piece of a puzzle that has nearly driven me insane since February. I learned of "Ghost Hour" a couple year back and after confirming it was in fact another of King Horror's schlocky, late night horror-host themed records, I knew I was in for an uphill battle trying to track this one down.

My struggle was going to be two-fold My only chance was to find it clearly identified and clearly priced beyond my budget. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I would lie in bed at night wondering where I might be able to find this record and I came up with nothing. I went online and pleaded for an MP3 of the song on reggae forums, I posted it here hoping someone would be willing to send me the file, I even got my hopes up a couple months back when I heard that the b-side or is it the a-side?

Unfortunately, "Ghost Hour" wasn't the flip! I was just about to throw in the towel when the miracle of the modern internet finally allowed me to get some sleep! If you ask me where I got the MP3 for "Ghost Hour" I'll reluctantly have to plead the Fifth and refuse to answer on the grounds that I may incriminate myself Regardless of whether an organist is mashing away on something as blatantly sinister as Chopin's "Funeral March" or lightheartedly bouncing his way around "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," the sound of a pipe organ has always given me the creeps.

Not the creeps in the sense that I'm deathly afraid but just enough to make me feel edgy and unsettled. I think a lot of this unease comes from the slightly "off" tone that music performed on a pipe organ has. The upbeat songs, regardless of their tempo and subject matter, have the tendency to just come off as teetering on the brink of insanity.

The perception would also suggest that the man feverishly pumping those pedals and digging his way around those layers of keys is one wrong-note away from a straight jacket.

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum is the Hammond electric organ… regardless of the subject matter or the intended tone, the Hammond always sounds smooth and cool. And unlike the pipe organists, the guys rockin' the Hammonds seem like the kinda guys you'd love to hang out with after their sets and have a few drinks. They seem less likely to savagely murder you in a pipe-organ-fueled, blood-soaked orgy of uncontrollable rage when they miss a breath-mark on their sheet music.

I think hanging out with Jimmy Smith, Booker T and Jackie Mittoo may end with one hell of a hangover the next day but hanging out with a pipe organist may end with your dismembered body being buried in a shallow grave beneath their basement crawlspace.

Which leads us to today's Spooktacular tune… this one is called "Midnight Organ" by a Hammond organist named Jackie Taylor and released as a 7" in on the Solar label.

Believe me, "Midnight Organ" has an evil and foreboding overall feel but with Taylor's style of play and with the Hammond itself, you can't disguise the hipness underneath! Auguste Rodin's intricately sculpted doors you see pictured on the left are called the Gates Of Hell. Rodin worked on this project, inspired by Dante's Inferno, from until his death in Originally they were commissioned to be used for the entrance way to a proposed Decorative Arts Museum which was to be built in Paris but never came to fruition.

Impressive as they are, they make ones mind wander to the bigger question I would say the front door to my dentist's office is pretty damn close to the portal of eternal suffering and misery but that's just me.

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Oct 01,  · Duppy man is used in Jamaican culture to reference someone who does not exist. It is also used to mention the spirits of the old African religion. It is sometimes used in insulting contexts but it itself is not insulting.

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  5. Dec 27,  · The first songs he recorded were “Duppyman Skank” and “Remedy”, produced by Echo Dee back in in Birmingham. He was also featured on a track of UB40’s album “Baggariddim” entitled “Fight Fe Come In”, which he did in combination with General CP.
  6. Dec 14,  · This one is called "Duppyman Skank" by Larry Marshall and it comes from a 7" on Harry Mudie's Moodisc label. This tune is actually a tribute to a long list of reggae artists who are no longer among the living and a fictional dance with their duppies which would really be something to .
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