Cornada - Burnman - Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition (Vinyl, Album)

David Sylvian - Let the Happiness In. English US. Share this Rating. The lights of the ashes smoulder through hills and vales Nostalgia burns in the hearts of the strongest Picasso is painting the ships in the harbour The wind and sails These are years with a genius for living.

The lights of the ashes smoulder through hills and vales Nostalgia burns in the hearts of the strongest Picasso is painting the ships in the harbour The wind and sails These are years with a genius. The lights of the ashes smoulder through hills and vales. Nostalgia burns in the hearts of the strongest. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections exploring different aspects of this unique art form at the nexus of music and photography.

It highlights the intersections and encounters that have led to musical and album concepts being translated into original visual creations. Many album covers were not commissioned works but rather the result of musicians themselves sifting through visual history to find the right images for their albums. Too bare, too brutal, too provocative: Musicians have frequently chosen images for their album covers that sparked scandals and made headlines for being censored.

Only copies were ever printed of the elusive red vinyl. The swedish band from Stockholm are one of the most commercially successful musical group of all time. Sadly, both marriages could not with stand the pressures of stardom and success.

This single, which was reprinted by Paul McCartney himself is worth a heck of a lot of money. Supposedly, McCartney only had 50 copies printed for his friends and family. Fans of classic horror movies have definitely heard this band. They broke out after changing their name and recording the soundtrack to Proffondo Rosso Deep Red , the debut film by legendary Italian director Dario Argento. They went on to do several more successful collaborations with Argento and some of the most iconic soundtracks in horror cinema.

The label reportedly got nervous upon noticing the back album cover depicted the bottom half of a dog — genitals and all, so they had the offending parts airbrushed before release. A few enterprising employees made off with some originals. You can tell if you have the rare UK export by checking for the yellow and black Parlophone Records label. The catalog number is PPCS Bonus points if it has the gold sticker on the back.

Abbey Road was the 11th studio album released by the legendary quartet from Liverpool. Scotty Moore soon joined in on guitar. This caught the ear of producer Sam Phillips, who quickly pressed record. Many historians consider this to be the first true rock-n-roll record ever made though this is the subject of heated debate. Despite their incredible influence, the discography of the band is quite short—they only recorded four full-length studio albums. Roky Erickson, the legendary guitarist of the band suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which caused his career to take many twists and turns.

Eventually he was able to get effective treatment and the band was able to reunite in Erickson passed away on May 31, The Beatles famously recorded this album in a rush. They had only four songs recorded by the time the deadline was nearing and had to record seven songs in one day — a process that took nine hours and 45 minutes. Both mono and stereo versions are rare and valuable, but the stereo version fetches the highest price. The original UK version of the album featured a graphic of a white speaker with soundwaves emanating from it, set on a bright orange background.

The cover design was scrapped, replaced by the photograph of a loudspeaker in the middle of a desert that new wave fans are familiar with, but not before a few were printed with the old design. It goes without saying that these copies are extremely rare. There were only 16 copies of the second pressing of this compilation album. As you might expect, this led to a tense legal battle that lasted several months.

By the time Elvis Presley made Speedway , he was nearing the end of his acting career. The film was not well received by critics or at the box office. Rumor has it that only copies were printed. The agent assigned his case is played by none other than the beautiful starlet Nancy Sinatra, and the pair quickly fall for each other.

When it became clear that Capitol and EMI wanted no part of the record, which featured an overdub of philharmonic strings done by George Harrison himself, the Beatles decided to put it out themselves. The record was later given a proper release in , nearly half a century after it was recorded.

They can go for up to 5 grand. Bernie Taupin, who collaborated with John on many of his biggest hits was credited for penning the lyrics, though Elton John would later admit that John had written the song by himself. He gave Bernie the credit to help him get his first publishing royalties. If you think you may have a copy lying around somewhere, now would be the time to start digging. Though met with critical acclaim, neither the single or the LP sold particularly well at first.

It's rock music - it's radio rock music and as much as I hate to say this, there is absolutely nothing special about it. The photocopied song listing inside the otherwise unlabeled pink cover proclaims this to be "an alternative rock record. However, by the second track, "the excelsior,"you realize that this is no ordinary alternative record. The songs slow down to a snail's pace, and the next thing you know, you've listened to the whole thing.

In "hearst cruizer," Sean Brooks who pretty much is [minmae] softly sings, overmodulated but barely there, while strumming his guitar. Then the atmospherics pick back up, shedding any resemblance to rock music structure. The musicianship is very tight, especially the rhythm section.

This band shows a lot of promise, especially when you consider that two of them just graduated high school last year. Ethereal atmospheres blend with lazy beats to create a Trip-Hop sound that Massive Attack would be proud of.

The female lyrics, sung in Asturian, a Spanish dialect, act more as an instrument than as a narrator, albeit a more sensual one. Just like taking NyQuil, this recording may cause drowsiness, so do not operate any heavy machinery while listening to it. They combine rock elements similar to Errortype with creative and quirky emo elements akin to Braid. The vocal work on this album is astounding; the use of background vocals and multiple vocalists is perfectly done and extremely effective in creating a unique sound.

While this track release is excellent, their live show will blow your mind. I expect many good things from this highly talented rock quartet. Get on the bandwagon now, because it's already halfway out of the station. Jason Sanford's singing varies from drone mumbling to embittered screams, backed up by his bastard musical creations. Surprisingly, the electric guitars sound like just that, although the glass breaking and beating on old gas cans seem oddly out of place.

Among the palm trees and trendiness, a number of artists are focused on creating music for the future. One such artist is Otto Von Schirach. Like labelmate Richard Devine, he specializes in quirky, bleep and ping music that leans heavily on the abstract. Perhaps unsure of which direction he wants to go in, the album progresses in a cycle of random noises which slowly come together into somewhat of a beat, then to an ambient atmosphere, before beginning the cycle all over again.

Only the last track features sounds that most likely did not originate in a CPU, with a sample of some kind of cartoonish background music, complete with Krusty the Klown laughter. You won't be dancing to B.

If you've never heard Oxymoron, you're in for a treat. This is punk the way it used to be. There are 18 songs and a videoclip on this CD. If you're sick of the glossy radio punk out there, this band will make you forget all the small things. William's vocals at times sound like a higher pitched Thom Yorke, complete with emotional choruses and lyrics.

There is a touch of electronica, as well as string arrangements, even a xylophone. I won't say that this is a Radiohead clone, since their music could stand on its own, regardless of comparisons.

You could describe the songs as either Alternative or Power Pop. PRG demonstrate their ability to change paces and styles flawlessly by following with "First Alien Photo,"an acoustic guitar number with a melodic second harmony. Forget about their past and start anew with this album. As expected, the politics are powerful. I'm not incredibly fond of the vocal addition of Todd -- his screaming, hardcore-punk style of delivery gets on my nerves. But he does add a new level of aggression and angst that suits Propagandhi's message.

As usual, the guitar work is absolutely astounding. The CD also contains four multimedia presentations focusing on different political topics including foreign policy and the FBI's secret war against the Black Panthers.

This album is mentally and musically brilliant. The songs that emerge are not without casualties. It can be a little wearing at times, but hidden within all the noise are melodies, harmonies and lyrics that will convert the faithful listener.

With The Unspeakable, he takes his biggest one yet, creating an album of "scenes" from a horror movie. Note, however, that these are not songs, but instead soundscapes that are meant to act as somewhat of a reverse silent movie, all sounds but no pictures.

The effect is not as scary as Mesinai might have hoped for, but it does make for an interesting listen. The songs are warm and the melodies make you nod your head in a Brady Movie kind of way. If you have hemp clothes you'll like this. There is a lot of punk to be had here, the kind you'd expect to hear from the garage of that worn-down house at the end of the street. There are always six or seven cars there and the lights are on all hours of the day.

This is the band that lives there. They keep going and going and going, turning out loud, punk songs with reckless abandon. There is more than a tip of the hat to the "fab four"in these songs, but they do a great job of keeping it neat and not just writing new Beatles songs. There are only four songs on this EP but hopefully a full-length offering is in the works. Britt Daniel sounds remarkably like Gavin Rossdale with that throaty sound that chicks love.

Usually, such a recording is comprised of either the movie's score, or a collection of songs by a bunch of different artists. Matthewman manages to make both, yet neither, blending both types into one. The first two tracks start off with a female's sultry chanting, ensuring that someone gets laid on this film.

Through the next few tracks, jazz, piano solos, ambient, electronica and dub are both explored and mixed together. Then, just about halfway, the most beautiful track in the album, with vocals by Lisa Ekdahl, will leave you floored.

You can just picture her sensual voice floating through what must be a dimly lit, smoke filled club. The second half of the CD is a bit more on the "score" side, adding a bit of reverbed guitars and more chants. Only on track 18 do you get a clue as to what this movie is about, when you hear one of the starring conjoined twins fantasize about laying on train tracks to be separated from his ever-present brother.

The two form an amazing acoustic album that includes 10 tracks of pure, pop pleasure with sincere vocals and a grand guitar backbone Think Elliott Smith meets The Weakerthans.

This is a beautiful release in a limited edition series of records bound to amaze each and every listener. In fact, it is through their insightful and inciting lyrics that Swallowing Shit was most effective. The rapid fire hardcore is good, but it's their political mindset that makes them truly one of a kind. Unfortunately, the band broke up in mid, so this is as close as you'll get to seeing them live. Their music mixes Funk, Gospel, Gospel and Garage, set apart from others by the fact that they have three vocalists, one male and two females.

The guy adds some rebellious, pissed off singing, while the ladies sound more like a cross between the Go-Go's and the B's. It's quite an interesting juxtaposition of styles.

The songs are gritty, yet beautiful. I guarantee you've never heard anything like it. Their songs are like mini stories that usually have some kind of funny twist to them.

My favorite by far is "I Fell Asleep on my Arm Today,"which pokes some fun at Korn and Limp Bizkit's heavy style by "borrowing"their songs and singing about arm cramps! The guitars hardly ever stop crunching, and the singing is melodic and scratchy at the same time. I don't think you'll find a better punk release around. Their sound has matured, and even sparingly features xylophones and piano parts. I do mean sparingly though. Their sound remains in your face as always. Then you will love The Ataris.

The first and third songs the third being a cover of "Best Man"by Kill Creek are solid emo-rock, but the middle tune, a cover of The Cure's "Close to Me", gets almost Primus-experimental. I'm not sure where that one came from but these guys should definitely stick with their emo-rock sound.

You can hear influences from just about every decade since the 60's manifest themselves in these songs. They come close to Fishbone's sound, but are more relaxed, and their eclectic instruments, like sitars and a farsifa organ, add a goofy feel. The songs sound more real, with fuller orchestration. This more professional sound makes their music feel more subversive, since, if you don't pay attention to the lyrics, you'd be tricked into thinking this is just a harmless pop record, full of folk guitars and vocal harmonies.

Which is the whole point. The Influence? Green Day and Moonshine. The singer for this upstart rootsy pop-punk band sounds so much like Billy Joe that he should consider putting this band to rest and start the first Green Day tribute band. It would probably be more lucrative, as this effort, although not all bad, is quite unrewarding and a bit too sober.

They have their own mean blend of raw punk and they deliver the goods. Bad for them : this isn't as radio accessible as Blink or Green Day. Good for us : it's better than both of them.

This time around they decided to re-work some of their old songs, as well as covering songs by some of their favorite artists. The album starts out with "Shit Storm," a song that was recorded onto the disc completely backwards, so somebody reverse it so we can find out what song it really is. Next is a heavy-on-the-riffs version of the Wipers's "Youth of America.

Punk meets hardcore in a mix designed to suit anyone's tastes. There isn't an awful lot of variation in song structures they all kinda sound the same but fortunately, this is a good disc.

Fourteen songs which start off furious and don't let up until they strangle the last chord out of their guitars. This disc has eight tracks, though the longest cut is a scant 2 minutes, 9 seconds. It may just be that if the disc were any longer, it could cause permanent and debilitating brain damage.

Kiss Of A Rose - Deuter - Garden Of The Gods, Cornada - Burnman - Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition (Vinyl, Album), Technical Difficulties?!? - VeggieTales - The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown (DVD), Endstille - Kapitulation 7 Thoughts to “ Kraftschlag - Alles Oder Nichts ”.

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  1. referencing Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition, 12", Album, NO IDEA No. It will probably never there SHOULD come a day when this album gets it's just deserves and becomes hard to find and worth lots of it won't, and that's just sad!/5(15).
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  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition - Burnman on AllMusic -
  4. Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition by BURNMAN, released 01 November 1. Excerpts from an Interview with a Suicide Artist 2. Lil' Bill 3. Smacked Supine on the Field of Prattle 4. Shaker 5. True Romance? 6. Deception 7. Met Her in a Cyclone 8. Tenets of Our Fathers 9. Cornada Happy New Year! Theory of Everything The Young Men and the Lake
  5. Listen to your favorite songs from Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition by Burnman Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  6. Excerpts From An Interview With A Suicide Artist, Lil' Bill, Smacked Supine On The Field Of Prattle, Shaker, True Romance?, Deception, Met Her In A Cyclone, Tenets Of Our Fathers, Cornada, Happy New Year!, Theory Of Everything, The Young Men And The Lake.
  7. Explore releases from Burnman at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Burnman at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Burnman. Members: Darren Kucera, Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition (Album) 4 versions: No Idea Records.
  8. Jun 15,  · Artist: Burnman Album: Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition Genre: Hardcore Year: Tracks: 13 Duration: Size: MB. Tracklist: Burnman - Excerpts From an Interview With a Suicide Artist - ( kbps, MB) Burnman - Lil' Bill - ( kbps, MB) Burnman - Smacked Supine on the Field of Prattle - (

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